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Aug 2015
Shreejoy Tripathy
Aug 19 2015 16:30
@travs are we meeting now?
Travis Jacobs
Aug 19 2015 16:39
Travis Jacobs
Aug 19 2015 16:45
Looks like there are some other people online as well, so if you're reading this and want to join us, we're doing some curation :) Feel free to pop in if you're interested
Chee Wai Lee
Aug 19 2015 16:55
Sadly, it's 1am here and I ought to be getting some sleep in hehe. Good luck and have fun!!
Vahid Ghayoomie
Aug 19 2015 18:07
Hi @stripathy, and @travs. Sorry that can not spend much time these days, spending some hectic days.
Will be back in full power in a few days and continue modeling of the digitized plots.