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Aug 2015
Aug 31 2015 02:44

Hi ^_^
My name is Ali Kishk . I want to help your great project but I dont know how . I got BS in pharmaceutical science 2014 but I also work as Science communictor in systems biology and biotechology. I got a good experience in analysing biological network using galaxy and visualizing them using Cytoscape. I know the basics of matlab and python but I am not the geek in them but I can code.

If I could help you I 'd be grateful ^_^

Gopal Sarma
Aug 31 2015 03:53
@VahidGh @travs @slarson @miladjafary
I made a milestone with all of the curation tasks that are given in the Google Docs.
Let me know if this seems reasonable. One thing that came up is that I didn't know what the last column in the spreadsheet was always for. Some times it looked like a comment, but others I didn't understand (like row 13).
My feeling is that tracking all of the curation tasks with issues is worth it. That way we can also have discussions about specific issues, or about the sources of data.
We may need to play around with how these issues are structured. I mostly just copied over the spreadsheets, and added the links to the paper. There were other links (like the ion channels themselves) that I didn't add. Wasn't sure how much we wanted to add.