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Sep 2015
Vahid Ghayoomie
Sep 01 2015 08:13
@ali-kishk, Hi Ali, and welcome to the OpenWorm.
That's great that we now have someone with Pharmaceutical background in our team :D
Starting with the big picture, we are going to make this happen.
Here you can find some ongoing documented works.
But from the Computational Pharmaceutics point of view (especially in the case of ion channels), there have always been interesting subjects for working with C. elegans as a simple model (see this).
In the first phase of this project we are going to model ion channel kinetics, and then integrating with neuron and muscle models to simulate some behavior such as movement in the worm. But from pharmaceutical point of view this would be also interesting to model ongoing studies such as the effect of drugs, mutants (channelopathies), etc on the models we are working on.
Of course, this wouldn't be possible unless we have a good knowledge of anticipating ion channels, neurons, cells, and their models.
So, to begin with, I suggest you starting with ion channels, collecting and managing data of interest for further analysis.
Here we have a spreadsheet of the ion channels, that you can make a copy of, and start completing data or adding what you think would be helpful.
Also in #8 we discussed some channels in priority and you can find related references in the google docs directory.
You can also post comments for each channel on the above-mentioned issues have been suggested by @gsarma (or even open some new ones).
Finally the data will be added to the web app which is under-development for further data processing.
If you are interested in web apps and Django, you can also work on this milestone.
I also suggest you take a look at the modeling approach, cc: @miladjafary (if you mean this!).
Vahid Ghayoomie
Sep 01 2015 08:29
@gsarma, The idea is interesting, we can try it.
That column was for mentioning if there is also channel types other than the main one, in the paper. Fixed the ambiguity.
Milad Jafary
Sep 01 2015 09:29
@VahidGh Yes, exactly
Stephen Larson
Sep 01 2015 21:43
@VahidGh Great intro!! @ali-kishk -- please ask further questions in here to clarify :)