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Aug 2016
Vahid Ghayoomie
Aug 22 2016 04:32
@theodinspire: Hi Erick, This is probably due to some changes in the new version of Django.
Would you please let me know if the following command solves the problem:
python collectstatic
Eric T Cormack
Aug 22 2016 14:22
@VahidGh I had to run it on django 1.8 as it throws warnings from <=1.8.4
It throws warnings from 1.8.4<=django version<1.10.0
and then the database just doesn't work at django>=1.10.0
and <1.8.0 it's missing the security module
I tried collectstatic and I'm in the same spot, we can continue this off-channel @VahidGh, unless anyone else has any input
Stephen Larson
Aug 22 2016 14:25
I haven’t built it myself; once you figure it out, we’ll definitely appreciate install instructions pull requested back to the project :)
Eric T Cormack
Aug 22 2016 14:27
I should start a .md of what I've got already
Stephen Larson
Aug 22 2016 14:28
That would be great; thank you!