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thanks , i will research that.
According to your suggestion, I use ES to store data, which way should I take is more scientific
3 replies
What do I need to do if I want to use RocketMQ and PostgresQL?Is there an example?
13 replies
Wai Mun
Is there a way to export zipkin's In-Memory dataset?
7 replies
Hi all, Is there a tool to change all the Zipkin format span records to AWS X-ray format?
4 replies
I have all the Zipkin compatible span records in a text file. Just need to change that to AWS X-Ra specific format and send that to X-ray daemon process. @adriancole
How to convert the zipkin span records to AWS X-ray acceptable format? I have all the Zipkin generated span records in a text file. Thought?
2 replies
I have installed zipkin
how to enable zipkin in ingress gateway
what is the option to do
can some one help me
I am using istio 1.5
Also We are using go lang
I created a span with name 'A' in one thread. Do some thing in scope. Other thread propagate(tracer.joinSpan) that trace 'A'. Do some thing in scope too. I can finish span only in second thread. How can I show in zipkin UI span 'A' with duration from bouth processes? Now in json view i have two spans with same name and id, but with different duration. And one of them is shared. In zipkin Ui I can see only duration from first span. While duration of all trace is bigger.
Hi Guys, I'm interested in help the project, contributing for translations
I can help in Portuguese, maybe French and Dutch as well
I sent a message to Jorge and he redirected me to here
José Carlos Chávez
Awesome @itsmjeu I think the first thing to do is to start with a github issue?
Ok I will need some help on that maybe later because is my first time I'm contributing to a public project

hi, i m new to zipkin working on a POC. I started zipkin as below

java -DSTORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch -DES_HOSTS=http://localhost:9200 -DSEARCH_ENABLED=true -jar zipkin-server-2.22.0-exec.jar --logging.level.zipkin2=DEBUG

Then I posted data via rest API (http://localhost:9411/api/v2/spans)

"id": "352bff9a74ca9ad2",
"traceId": "5af7183fb1d4cf5f",
"parentId": "6b221d5bc9e6496c",
"name": "get /api",
"timestamp": 1556604172355737,
"duration": 1431,
"kind": "SERVER",
"localEndpoint": {
"serviceName": "backend",
"ipv4": "",
"port": 3306
"remoteEndpoint": {
"ipv4": "",
"port": 58648
"tags": {
"http.method": "GET",
"http.path": "/api"

now I am able to search trace id: 5af7183fb1d4cf5f
but if i use "find a trace" option by providing service name as : backend it does not work. Am I missing a point here?
Adrian Cole
you are sending a single-span trace?
yesm i got this example from the swagger (https://zipkin.io/zipkin-api/#/default/post_spans)
also tried with another example with multiple traces in a span
Adrian Cole
can you check browser to see if you are hitting this? openzipkin/zipkin#3211
anyway it is better to use real data we created example projects to help get started https://github.com/openzipkin/brave-example
Thanks Andrian, I will check the links u provided
by the way I am unable to get it directly via API
it returns empty array
Adrian Cole
-DSTORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch is incorrect these are supposed to be environment variables
unix style
ex. STORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch java -jar...
it is actually working with me, i am able to save data in elasticsearch, i was doing a very stupid mistake. In example timestamp was very old, i did't updated that. Just tried with new sample and it is working f9. Really sorry to disturb u for my stupid mistake
update sample
thanks for your concern and support
Adrian Cole
it isn't stupid mistake, it is just a problem with static data. don't know a better way with the swagger ui..
glad you found it though. fwiw this README shows other examples https://github.com/openzipkin/zipkin/tree/master/zipkin-lens/testdata
sure, i will do that appreciate your time and support
Adrian Cole
:thumbsup: and good luck
Adrian Cole

@/all #Zipkin 2.22.1 starts publishing multi-architecture #Docker images, also to GitHub Container Registry.

Using ghcr.io avoids the new Docker Hub rate limits that apply today.


docker run -d -p 9411:9411 ghcr.io/openzipkin/zipkin-slim


Jorge Tovar
hello guys. How do you secure your Zipkin instance in production?
3 replies
Varuna Lekamwasam
hi i'm trying to run zipkin 2.22 latest with elasticsearch 5.5.2 just started the server, zipkin index is not created, ran an empty query, zipkin throws a exception "request [/_template/zipkin:span_template] contains unrecognized parameter: [include_type_name]". Is there a base elasticsearch version supported by zipkin latest?
5 replies
I am new to microservices and am working on my first project - I happened on to zipkin , jaeger etc as solution to pull together debugging information rather than having multiple viewports into each service - I realize zipkin is mainly used for tracing / timing etc - but is it used to pull together real-time "console logs" ? If I am going down the wrong path I would appreciate any direction on how best to look at multiple microservice consoles , thanks in advance
3 replies
Adrian Cole
french speaking folks.. if you want to see Zipkin in French, please click thumbsup on this openzipkin/zipkin#3289
Beniamin Kalinowski
Hi, I want to write an instrumentation for the Snowflake Data Cloud. Currently I'm checking whether I should use Brave or Wingtips for start. Any suggestions?
1 reply
hi, I want build zipkin-server project,but build faild