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Can the zipkin executable jar be configured to log to a rolling log file? I was able to log to a log file with --logging.file.name=, but I can't get custom logback configuration working with -DLogback.configurationFile=. I'm trying with zipkin 2.23.1
6 replies
Harsh Mangal
hello everyone!
can anyone tell how can I use zipkin in Python applications?
3 replies

Hello, when building the openzipkin/zipkin image from docker file. I am getting below exception, where its not able to resolve the install.sh file.

MACC02VK4:$ docker build -t zipkin .
Sending build context to Docker daemon 12.8kB
Step 1/40 : ARG java_version=1.8.0_162
Step 2/40 : FROM scratch as scratch
Step 3/40 : COPY . /code/
---> f2d774e51150
Step 4/40 : FROM openzipkin/zipkin-builder as install
---> 2e36b15748e1
Step 5/40 : WORKDIR /install
---> Using cache
---> c3fb663edb11
Step 6/40 : COPY --from=scratch /code /code
---> b826633267cb
Step 7/40 : ARG release_version=master
---> Running in 80b1ecd13aaa
Removing intermediate container 80b1ecd13aaa
---> 5103ecf24ede
Step 8/40 : ENV RELEASE_VERSION=$release_version
---> Running in bbd43a0c4dd6
Removing intermediate container bbd43a0c4dd6
---> 3413d24ee766
Step 9/40 : COPY docker/bin/install.sh /tmp/

COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder652222391/docker/bin/install.sh: no such file or directory

1 reply
Jonatan Ivanov


Does anyone know why does TraceIdContext:: toTraceIdString return a 16-digit value if the high bytes are all zero and a 32-digit value otherwise?

This seems very intentional but pretty weird, e.g.: if I have two IDs:

  • 0000000000000000123456789abcdef0
  • 0000000000000001123456789abcdef0
    (The only difference is in the high bites, the first is all the way zero, the second is one in the last place)

I will get:

  • 123456789abcdef0
  • 0000000000000001123456789abcdef0

Which is weird to me and also can lead issues if the user expects a fixed-length value from that method.

39 replies
String produceLinkLocalIp() {
try {
Enumeration<NetworkInterface> nics = NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces();
while (nics.hasMoreElements()) {
NetworkInterface nic = nics.nextElement();
Enumeration<InetAddress> addresses = nic.getInetAddresses();
while (addresses.hasMoreElements()) {
InetAddress address = addresses.nextElement();
if (address.isSiteLocalAddress()) return address.getHostAddress();
} catch (Exception e) {
// don't crash the caller if there was a problem reading nics.
log("error reading nics", e);
return null;
why use this code to get ip ?sometimes our ip is not SiteLocalAddress
1 reply
Arun Gopalpuri

Trying to implement cassandra tracing using https://github.com/openzipkin/brave-cassandra/tree/master/cassandra#server. Readme says "The easiest way to get started is to place this project's "all" jar in cassandra's lib directory”

what’s “all" jar?

2 replies

Hello, is it normal for the first service (frontend) of an application to be left out by zipkin dependencies ?
i have 3 services running in kubernetes :
service1 exposed to the world, it calls service2, then service2 calls service 3

in the discover page, i see the 3 services calling each other, but in the dependency, i only see service2 and 3

zipkin-dependency debug log shows "20/12/22 10:04:35 DEBUG DependencyLinker: root's client is unknown; skipping" when parsing service1 trace,
does that ring something to someone ? am i missing something ?

9 replies
Is there a way to filter by service on the dependency graph?
Arun Gopalpuri
@adriancole - is Tracing.currentTracer() thread-safe? I'm seeing tracing linking to previous requests in many cases in Zipkin
4 replies
Adrian Cole
Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 2.21.21 PM.png
@jjegosh you mean besides this? ^^
That helps. Also curious what the initial dependency page load looks like with over 1000 services and large fanouts, in case anyone has prior experience
2 replies
Hello, i have troubles to use zipkin and elasticsearch7.9. I have already search for a solution and try with https://github.com/tetratelabs/zipkin-es-templater, but it doesn't work. The log raise "z.s.i.BodyIsExceptionMessage : Unexpected error handling reqDec 23 08:35:47 eshost01 java[65500]: java.lang.NullPointerException: null"
5 replies
Have you got some advice?
Tugay Ersoy
hi guys, i have a question to access zipkin UI. İ have zipkin on my kubernetes cluster but I cant access it without port -forward
i try to do some load balance config but it does not work
is there any config or environment variable for zipkin URL access
Bas van Beek
@Admiralkheir not sure I understand the problem. what are your trying to load balance?
Tugay Ersoy
anyway we fixed the problem sir. it was about ingress controller config
I am trying to develop a system where one can log events and these events are connected together with a trace id. For eg. Consider there is an item that is processed by a number of different components(Lambdas, ECS, Spark etc.) in a distributed architecture but we need a centralized query able store where all components could send the information and then the user could see all the different components that acted on this item and what each component did. I was wondering if ZipKin is a good tool for this kind of use case?
1 reply
From what I understand Zipkin is a framework to trace HTTP requests across different systems and focuses on how much time was spent in each system. Here the use case is slightly different. The events would be separated by large amounts of time and also there would be some amount of metadata associated with each event. Can Zipking be used for a use case like this?
Halil Onur Çeçen
hi all, im currently trying to expand collected tracing data. Right now i'm getting http requests across servers and databases, but we are currently considering if we should trace method calls in our java application. Are there any documentation that i can find for best practices on method call tracing or do you have any suggestions on this subject? (which methods to trace etc..)
1 reply
Halil Onur Çeçen

I also have another question about processing trace data for application monitoring. I have seen different backend support like skywalking on openzipkin page. Im also considering using elk stack for extracting useful monitoring data from traces. Are there any other suggestions for zipkin data processing and extracting monitoring data. (I'm still searching which tool to use for this and for best practices)

Im still new to tracing concepts and trying to learn how these should work. So, some of my questions might not makes sense. Sorry for those in advance

Hi, can i use kafka-node library for tracing with node js. As documents says that zipkin js only supports kafka js library.
1 reply
Any way to use kafka-node library instead.
I have a same question.anyone can help me?openzipkin/zipkin#2913
Karthik Kumar
I had a question about a recent exception thrown by the Span class, can someone please provide more context about this? asked https://github.com/openzipkin/zipkin/pull/3249/files#r553047076 @adriancole
Hi everyone! I have a microservice-based architecture and i would like to use Zipkins to trace messages from one service to another. I have a php implementation of my application's logic where i orchestrate the requests to the microservices. What i need to add in order to send data to Zipkins? Do i have to configure each microservice or should i use the Zipkin's php library in order to instrument my app?
1 reply
ankit modi
Unable to view zipkin traces in UI
Trying with py flask

ZIPKIN_DSN = os.environ.get("ZIPKIN_DSN", "http://zipkin:9411/api/v2/spans")

def default_handler(encoded_span):
body = encoded_span
app.logger.debug("body %s", body)

return requests.post(
    headers={"Content-Type": "application/json"},
Any leads on how I should troubleshoot this? TIA
Jean Jordaan
hey guys, is the website source on github? you got a 404 here (goes to this instead of this)
2 replies
Jean Jordaan
can Zipkin forward some data for longer-term storage, e.g. on S3?
3 replies
I am newbie here, i am running zipkin jar file on ec2 instance. Now I want to persist the data. Could anyone suggest what should I follow up? Or suggest how can I store persist data to MySQL, so I can retrieve later.
1 reply
Akshay Patil
Hi Team, I am new to open source and started learning spring boot recently. I wish to start contributing to the open source community. Zipkin project seems to be lot more appealing as it's having a continuous code updates. Can someone please help me with how should I start withing this group? Appreciating if someone can share any learning roadmap specific to the project.
1 reply
while running zipkin.jar with elasticsearch as stoarge, we also need to run zipkin-dependencies.jar.
My question is, do we need to run it once ? as it is being executed and then stopped(done), not running continuously!!!
2 replies
Alice Wasko
Hi, I am trying to configure storage for zipkin using Kubernetes. I am able to deploy the zipkin image and see traces in the ui using STORAGE_TYPE: mem pretty easily. when I try to set up elasticsearch storage from the openzipkin/elasticsearch6 image its stuck on STATUS: CrashLoopBackOff. Logs saying ERROR: [2] bootstrap checks failed. Anyone know what's going on with this? Also if you know how to give the elastic pod more RAM that would be great.
Alice Wasko
I think I figured out how to modify the memory with JAVA_OPTS, when I run the elasticsearch I'm getting "heap size [1.9gb]" up from the previous 256, but I still get the crashloop with the bootstrap message. Also, still getting max virtual memory areas vm.max_map_count [65530] is too low, increase to at least [262144] despite increasing the memory. Any help greatly appreciated.
2 replies
Petr Hybler

hello guys.. I recently installed zipkin server and integrated it with 4 microservices (out of dozens waiting for the integration) ... my server configuration for zipkin is 8 CPUs and 8GB RAM ... but it seems the server is burning the CPU down ... when I issue the TOP command it gives me 500% usage of zipkin service running .... the zipkin gui is pretty much unusable.. i can access it on IP:9411/zipkin/ but when I hit dependencies or trace .. it keeps on loading in the middle and shows nothing...

Any idea why it is so CPU expensive ???

6 replies

Unable to view zipkin App in Splunk. I want to integrate zipkin with splunk as an app for splunk.
I wanted to know is that if I can connect Zipkin and Splunk so that the flow will look like:

Is there any tutorial or documentation about this?
Thank you

hello all ,I want to ask something about zipkin server connect elasticsearch. while my elasticsearch cluster enabled xpack http ssl,I run zipkin server with java -DSTORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch -DES_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true -DES_HOSTS=https://node1.elastic.com:9500 -DES_HTTP_LOGGING=BASIC -DES_USERNAME=elastic -DES_PASSWORD=xxx -jar zipkin-server*.jar, but it doesn`t work. It log com.linecorp.armeria.client.endpoint.EmptyEndpointGroupException, and elasticsearch log javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: no cipher suites in common. Can anyone resolved it , thank you very much!
Gheorghe Isak
hey guys, is it possible to use zipkin-dependencies in a kubernetes cronjob?