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Jun 2015
Alex Coles
Jun 26 2015 08:40
@/all legacy specs are not being executed on CI currently - opf/openproject#3180 fixes this.
this is also why code coverage seemed to drop for no apparent reason.
Alex Coles
Jun 26 2015 11:31
@NobodysNightmare I’m seeing a spec failure here: rspec ./spec/legacy/functional/projects_controller_spec.rb:75 - I think it might relate to opf/openproject#3114
Jun 26 2015 11:38
@ulferts Said he would take care of that spec :sunglasses:
Jun 26 2015 11:39
@myabc that should be fixed by now
Just pull
Jun 26 2015 13:51
@myabc I am now writing github to have marutosi banned
Markus Kahl
Jun 26 2015 14:50
[Markus] > you are wrong
Alex Coles
Jun 26 2015 15:53
@floriank do these two failures mean anything to you? rspec ./spec/legacy/unit/helpers/application_helper_spec.rb:120
@/all I will continue making Rails 4 PRs against dev, as originally planned. You’re obviously free to rebase onto release/4.3, cherry-pick, etc. I’m afraid I won’t have the time in July to maintain some sort of long-running Rails integration branch. Additionally, while I’ve been merging dev pretty regularly into feature/rails4, I cannot do that indefinitely.