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Jun 2015
Alex Coles
Jun 29 2015 09:37
this is getting complicated :frowning: - opf/openproject#3186 is no longer mergeable. not sure if best strategy is to merge dev into feature/rails4 and then rebase feature/20325-rails4-deprecated-dynamic-finders on top of that, or merge dev into feature/20325-rails4-deprecated-dynamic-finders.
(unfortunately, opf/openproject#3186 touches a lot of files)
Jan Sandbrink
Jun 29 2015 12:42
I'd vote for the latter approach
Alex Coles
Jun 29 2015 13:10
@NobodysNightmare we’ve gone with another approach
Alex Coles
Jun 29 2015 15:50
@NobodysNightmare @ulferts can you give finnlabs/openproject-backlogs#141 a review pls?
PSA: will close PRs made against dev in plugins.