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Aug 2015
Alex Coles
Aug 28 2015 14:41
@NobodysNightmare on Rails 4.1, we may need to revert your revert (opf/openproject@167b5d2) of opf/openproject#2955 ?
Jan Sandbrink
Aug 28 2015 14:46
Everything I remember about this revert is written down here: opf/openproject#2955
@kgalli Also approached me a minute ago, asking about this revert and if we need to revert the revert...
Feel free to do so, just don't break any stuff ;P
and talk to @kgalli because he seems to be working on that one ATM.
Aug 28 2015 14:54
@myabc can you revert the revert in your feature/rails4.1 branch? We can then run the test in our CI.
or you give me access to your repository ;-)