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Repo info
    Torsten RĂ¼ger
    @ylluminarious Just a quick Hi, it's getting to midnight
    but nice start, i'm still reading three.js and opal
    Had seen the demo, but maybe was hoping to not use sinatra (though that may be negotiable)
    George Plymale II
    @dancinglightning hi, sorry, i was preoccupied when you sent your message earlier
    you shouldn't have to use sinatra to use three.rb, should work on other frameworks too, e.g., rails, volt, etc.
    but i'll check it out and make sure that three.rb works well with the aforementioned frameworks
    George Plymale II
    @dancinglightning just tested it out yesterday, three.rb seems to work alright with voltrb
    This message was deleted