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Jan 2018
Jan 24 2018 16:36
@hongaar got that branch back, the one with the react-native changes in it ...
rough outline of what I did
updated references to clearTimeout and setTimeout so that they were window.setTimeout and window.clearTimeout - instead of _data2.etc.etc.setTimeout
Jan 24 2018 16:41
then in my app did window.setTimeout=setTimeout/window.clearTimeout=clearTimeout
hopefully someone who understands multirepos better than I do can create a PR for this ...
Jan 24 2018 16:58
an unrelated question ... is it possible to set up a coordination strategy that is kind of like a more traditional cache ... so that you have a store linked to a JSONAPI source, and when you query the source the first time, it pulls from the server - but pulls from the store on subsequent calls?