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Repo info
  • Oct 10 2019 10:53

    crynobone on master

    Rename as RedisManager. Signed… Update laravel 6.x Skeleton Up… Merge branch '4.x' Signed-off-… (compare)

  • Oct 10 2019 10:30

    crynobone on v4.1.0


  • Oct 10 2019 10:20

    crynobone on 4.x

    Update laravel 6.x Skeleton Up… (compare)

  • Oct 06 2019 12:50

    crynobone on 4.x

    Rename as RedisManager. Signed… (compare)

  • Sep 14 2019 09:24
    crynobone commented #67
  • Sep 14 2019 09:24
    crynobone closed #67
  • Sep 14 2019 09:08

    crynobone on master

    Add php_cs. Signed-off-by: Mio… Use csfixer. Signed-off-by: Mi… Change aliases. Signed-off-by:… and 2 more (compare)

  • Sep 14 2019 09:05

    crynobone on v4.0.0


  • Sep 14 2019 08:38

    crynobone on 4.x

    Update Laravel 6 skeleton Upda… (compare)

  • Sep 14 2019 08:27

    crynobone on 4.x

    Change aliases. Signed-off-by:… (compare)

  • Sep 13 2019 03:58

    crynobone on 4.x

    Add php_cs. Signed-off-by: Mio… Use csfixer. Signed-off-by: Mi… (compare)

  • Sep 12 2019 03:02

    crynobone on master

    remove deprecated facade. Sign… Update readme. Signed-off-by: … remove bowerrc Signed-off-by: … and 11 more (compare)

  • Sep 12 2019 02:20

    crynobone on 4.x

    Add hotswap example. Signed-of… (compare)

  • Sep 12 2019 01:54

    crynobone on 4.x

    Add extension. Signed-off-by: … (compare)

  • Sep 12 2019 01:47

    crynobone on 4.x

    Revert phpunit bootstrap file. … (compare)

  • Sep 10 2019 10:37

    crynobone on 4.x

    rename to RedisDB. Signed-off-… Tweak gitignore. Signed-off-by… (compare)

  • Sep 04 2019 10:34

    crynobone on 4.x

    Update Laravel 5.8 Skeleton Up… Merge branch '3.8' into 4.x (compare)

  • Sep 04 2019 10:32

    crynobone on 3.8

    Update Laravel 5.8 Skeleton Up… (compare)

  • Sep 03 2019 22:27
    crynobone assigned #67
  • Sep 03 2019 22:27
    crynobone opened #67
Bekee Franklin
Anyone here?
i need to add custom menu in orchestral/foundation how to add it
how to add custom menu ?
please help me out
how to add cutom admin menuo
how to add custom menu ?
how to add custom menu ?
i think this not a maintained product
for me i have keep down Laravel and all they product platforme ...etc
and i have come back to CI
laravel change version each month it's not a good choice for a large scale application
and their packages isn't maintained for long time
this still my point of vue
how to add custom menu ?
Jay Parihar
how to upgrade strive v2 to v3 in laravel5.4.16
using stripe js
$width = $sizes['swidth'];
$height = $sizes['sheight'];
$mode = ImageInterface::THUMBNAIL_OUTBOUND;
$size = new Box($width, $height);
    $thumbnail   = Imagine::open("{$ImagePath}/{$filename}.{$extension}")->thumbnail($size, $mode);
    $destination = "{$filename}.thumb.{$extension}";

how to resize and dont crop?
Need some help guys.. How do I enable 1db with multiple schema for each tenant in the Platform?
any one there?
@crynobone How would this work If you perform delete on model? https://github.com/orchestral/tenanti/blob/master/src/Migrator/Factory.php#L120
No query results for model [App\Company] 15
orchestral/tenanti#51 #Fixed
Luis Melo
I'm looking fot the Table facade documentation. Where do I see how I could use the Table Builder?
Waseem Sakka
Your cookbook link is broken: http://cookbook.orchestraplatform.com/
Getting this: Error 1014 Ray ID: 3e2cbe3f169c27e0 • 2018-01-25 16:52:28 UTC
CNAME Cross-User Banned

Hello when i write: php artisan migrate

i get this error:

could not find driver (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = laravel_db and table_name = migrations)
Please help me
Cristiano Barbosa
hi! i'm trying to install orchestra platform to give it a try... many problems with mysql :/

SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes (SQL: alter table user_meta add unique user_meta_user_id_name_unique(user_id, name))

any idea?

Nguyen Tuan
How to build ecommerce website with Orchestra Platform?
Jamie Arnold
Im Trying to understand how orachestral and testbench can be used to perform testing on a single package
I need to install step by step Tenanti in my Laravel 5.6
@csb346 You need to check the mysql version is is lower than 5.7.7 you need to modify the length of the key . You can find that in the documentation
I am using orchestra/tenanti in laravel applications. I have 500 databases. If i try to migrate i am getting mysql max connections exceeded error. So migration is not working. Is it possible to do migration in any other way with out cmd interface? We have amazon db t2 medium which allows 312 connections. We are unable to increase it. So how can i run migrations for all databases?
Diogo Zarpelon
hi guys
Is this project active? I have tried to contact the developer but got now answer
Hi, exists moore documentation for the multi databases?
Steven Parker
Hey, Checkout my new project at GitHub.Quick Paytm Integration using Golang: https://github.com/Mindinventory/Golang-Paytmhttps://github.com/Mindinventory/Golang-Paytm

i am trying to install orchestra/tenanti 5.x in laravel7 but i am getting below error.
Unable to resolve dependency [Parameter #1 [ <required> array $config ]] in class App\Providers\AppServiceProvider

any help?

same code but orchestra/tenanti 4.x in laravel5.x working fine



How to perform migrations from inside the Orchestra during the Github Actions?