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Repo info
  • Oct 10 2019 10:53

    crynobone on master

    Rename as RedisManager. Signed… Update laravel 6.x Skeleton Up… Merge branch '4.x' Signed-off-… (compare)

  • Oct 10 2019 10:30

    crynobone on v4.1.0


  • Oct 10 2019 10:20

    crynobone on 4.x

    Update laravel 6.x Skeleton Up… (compare)

  • Oct 06 2019 12:50

    crynobone on 4.x

    Rename as RedisManager. Signed… (compare)

  • Sep 14 2019 09:24
    crynobone commented #67
  • Sep 14 2019 09:24
    crynobone closed #67
  • Sep 14 2019 09:08

    crynobone on master

    Add php_cs. Signed-off-by: Mio… Use csfixer. Signed-off-by: Mi… Change aliases. Signed-off-by:… and 2 more (compare)

  • Sep 14 2019 09:05

    crynobone on v4.0.0


  • Sep 14 2019 08:38

    crynobone on 4.x

    Update Laravel 6 skeleton Upda… (compare)

  • Sep 14 2019 08:27

    crynobone on 4.x

    Change aliases. Signed-off-by:… (compare)

  • Sep 13 2019 03:58

    crynobone on 4.x

    Add php_cs. Signed-off-by: Mio… Use csfixer. Signed-off-by: Mi… (compare)

  • Sep 12 2019 03:02

    crynobone on master

    remove deprecated facade. Sign… Update readme. Signed-off-by: … remove bowerrc Signed-off-by: … and 11 more (compare)

  • Sep 12 2019 02:20

    crynobone on 4.x

    Add hotswap example. Signed-of… (compare)

  • Sep 12 2019 01:54

    crynobone on 4.x

    Add extension. Signed-off-by: … (compare)

  • Sep 12 2019 01:47

    crynobone on 4.x

    Revert phpunit bootstrap file. … (compare)

  • Sep 10 2019 10:37

    crynobone on 4.x

    rename to RedisDB. Signed-off-… Tweak gitignore. Signed-off-by… (compare)

  • Sep 04 2019 10:34

    crynobone on 4.x

    Update Laravel 5.8 Skeleton Up… Merge branch '3.8' into 4.x (compare)

  • Sep 04 2019 10:32

    crynobone on 3.8

    Update Laravel 5.8 Skeleton Up… (compare)

  • Sep 03 2019 22:27
    crynobone assigned #67
  • Sep 03 2019 22:27
    crynobone opened #67
Quetzy Garcia
I think I got it
Quetzy Garcia
actually, I got most of it, but none of the default events does what I want
Quetzy Garcia
I should just use \Illuminate\Auth\Events\Login::class
Jayant Soni
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
i got one question on user
how to user suspend() on user model
protected function verifyWhenFirstTimeLogin(Eloquent $user)
if ((int) $user->getAttribute('status') === Eloquent::UNVERIFIED) {
    return $user;
can i use this to deactivated user
Bharat Gangadiya
laravel client vaidation not work on blur
custom facades doesn't seem to work for me in 5.2? http://laravel.io/bin/E35JN#10,41
Quetzy Garcia
hey @crynobone :)
I've done a PR, with a simple fix:
Hi I tried tenanti (multi tenant)
using this https://github.com/basherr/laravel-multi-tenancy proj. I cud able to get registration page. After registration it throws the following error
ErrorException in Route.php line 131:
Argument 1 passed to Illuminate\Routing\Route::run() must be an instance of Illuminate\Http\Request, string given, called in C:\xampp\htdocs\lara_multi\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Routing\Router.php on line 724 and defined
Hi Is any one here?
Rosa Imantoro
Hi, is there any tutor about "How to create an extension" ?
any tutorial for subdomain creation & routing for tenanti?
Giulio Dissegna
hi i can't find the documentation for Foundation::handles() in the docs
any body knows about last section of installation requirements?
Orchestra Platform strictly require Eloquent based authentication with our Role Based Access Control (RBAC) which utilize eloquent relationship. Please ensure that App\User is extending Orchestra\Model\User.
Everythins is ok but still error
Mario Fehr
How can I change the look and feel of the backend?
or better make my own backend theme
hello ,I'm trying to find a platform based on laravel to build a website like a platform so customers can signup and have profiles and something like that ... and all that to build using REST api .... is it good to use orchestraplatform ?
hello I can't find tenanti.php file under config/orchestra folder
can anyone help me?
Marco Aurélio Deleu
@federicadellamonica did you run php artisan vendor:publish?
Hi, I'm using testbench, I can't use factories... I used : $this->withFactories(__DIR__.'../database/factories'); where I have my factories defined, but I still get : Unable to locate factory with name [default] [App\User].
also in the setUp() method, I have : $this->artisan('migrate', ['--database' => 'testbench']); but when I make a select, It says no such table: users (SQL: select * from "users" where "id" = 1 limit 1)
Hi, everyone! I'm evaluating orchestra as a potential CMS for our homegrown system. Is there a "kitchen sink" repo I can use to see all of the components installed and relatively working?
plz i need some example
of projects build over orchestra
hello ??? any one here .??
Bekee Franklin
Anyone here?
i need to add custom menu in orchestral/foundation how to add it
how to add custom menu ?
please help me out