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    Matthew Carter
    welcome to the room
    Martin Mauch
    Hi @ahungry, thanks for setting up the Gitter channel!
    I'm a (e)lisp noob, but would like to get into it and I usually pick up new stuff quite fast when pairing with someone experienced. So I was wondering if you'd be up for tackling ahungry/org-jira#37 in a remote pair programming session? If I learn quick enough and find some time I might also help with other issues :smiley:
    hello Matthew, in order to debug an issue on my side, what jira version do you use to develop? I am having a strange error with subtasks and our jira version is 7.1
    Eric Wollesen
    Hi. I'm new to org-jira, and while I was able to configure everything, I think... I get a list of issues, but when I edit a description and save, nothing is persisted upstream. So I tried org-jira-update-issue and my changes were lost and flushed out of the current buffer. Is there some other function I should be calling to sync the issue?
    I was able to create a new comment on an issue though
    Matthew Carter
    Sorry @kamihack_twitter missed this message - I just use latest atlassian cloud jira
    @ewollesen org-jira-update-issue is the preferred way to save info
    Typically, the changes org-jira-update-issue will send up are modifications to the Description field, also worklogs (assuming worklog sync is on) - for some other changes, like modifying who issue is assigned to, should use org-jira-assign-issue
    I see, I was trying to make it work with jira on-premise, I don't know how much the code would differ from the cloud instances
    Matthew Carter
    If anyone wants to test out sparse-trees branch, it changes quite a bit of how the tickets are filed, by tossing under a sub-heading. Let me know if you like it, or find problems.
    Peter Membrey
    Hi, I was just typing out my issue when I noticed that it's identical to what @ewollesen is seeing. I'm using hosted JIRA. I can create issues and add comments, but I can't update any properties (assignee, priority or description). Not sure if I'm just doing something wrong :)
    Peter Membrey
    Okay, I can change the assignee by using org-jira-assign-issue but still s tuck on updating properties. Any ideas @ahungry ? @ewollesen , did you find a solution? :)
    @ahungry Great project, I'm pleasantly surprised in the ability to fetch data from Jira. However, I'm having an issue updating the project description. I'm unfamiliar with debugging elisp, but I did set requests into debug mode and saw the following (for the PUT request):
    REQUEST [debug] (buffer-string) =
    HTTP/2 400 
    server: Atlassian Proxy/0.1.220
    cache-control: no-cache, no-store, no-transform
    content-type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
    strict-transport-security: max-age=315360000; includeSubDomains; preload
    date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 22:36:41 GMT
    x-arequestid: 63403a7a-a477-4ffc-b743-53c44ac68f3b
    x-xss-protection: 1; mode=block
    x-ausername: mbatema
    x-content-type-options: nosniff
    x-seraph-loginreason: OK
    {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"components":"data was not an array"}}
    REQUEST [debug] error-thrown = (error http 400)
    REQUEST [debug] parser = json-read
    REQUEST [debug] data = ((errorMessages . []) (errors (components . data was not an array)))
    REQUEST [debug] symbol-status = error
    REQUEST [debug] Executing error callback.
    Did Jira's REST APIs change suddenly?
    @ahungry Ah, I see. It's because my JIRA item has no assigned "Components", and the default value out of org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org is "". It seems like rather than providing a default value of an empty string, it would be wiser to omit those key/value pairs from the fields payload?
    Wait, emacs-lisp scoping is not quite lexical, is it? I guess a fix would be to wrap the "else" clause of org-jira-build-components-list with an or to provide an empty list?
    @ewollesen @pmembrey I threw together a PR that lets me update descriptions on my cloud-hosted JIRA. Feel free to check it out (or manually apply the one-line patch).
    Hi All, do we have any open source dashboard to integrate jira tasks issues, status etc....
    Matus Goljer

    Can I take the tasks and move them around the hirerarchy or do they always have to be as 2nd level items under the "ORG-Tickets" header?

    I would like to organize tasks/subtasks... or other dependencies

    Yea, it seems it doesn't work, but I don't see a reason it shouldn't. The tasks have the properties so we know it's a task or not
    Jonathan Frederickson
    I was just wondering the same thing ^ I tend to organize my org-mode tasks into priority lists, and I'd like to be able to refile JIRA tasks into my usual lists, but it seems like I can't as of now (or rather, I can't refresh/update tasks after refiling them somewhere else)
    might dive into the code later as I'd really like to use org-jira instead of the web UI :P
    Jonathan Frederickson
    ah, I think this is the relevant issue ahungry/org-jira#54
    Brandon Shega
    Hey all, I just added this to emacs, it's working great except for loading issues, so far projects and boards is working great! When I do org-jira-get-issues I get an error like helm-M-x: Invalid slot type: org-jira-sdk-issue, priority, string, nil any idea how to fix this?
    Rohit Awasthi
    I am able to successfully configure the JIRA collector for Hygieia. It displays all stories in current sprint. But there are bug fixes, features and tasks that I also want to display along with stories.
    Kindly let me know how to display everything which is on my JIRA board.
    feature.jiraIssueTypeNames=Story, Bug, Improvement, Task, Epic, Feature, Enhancement, Sub-task