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Repo info
    hello sir
    i just have saw your logger Library
    awesome sir
    Orhan Obut
    Cihan Kaptan
    hello Orhan :)
    Bahram Malaekeh
    Hey Orhan. Awesome library. :smile:
    I have quick question. I am using an external crash/log analysis platform (Crashlytics) which allows me to send additional logs with any fatal or non-fatal crash. I was wondering if there was a way of getting any and all logs "recorded" since logger.init() to accompany the Crash log?
    Jordi Giménez Gámez
    @Mithrandir21 I would recommend you to check bugfender.com, it's a cloud logging system that sends logs for crashes and non-crashes. Totally compatible with orhanobut/logger
    Hi Sir, Thanks For Awesome Library. I have a question. How to Save log into sdcard and log file name should be belonging filename : As : if log file belong to Activity1.java class then log save as a Activity.txt or Activity.csv. Thanks

    Hello all.. i tried contributing to logger by upgrading the project to AndroidX ..

    Please check the MR : orhanobut/logger#249

    Great to see a simple but powerful idea.. saw people requesting for AndroidX migration.. please merge my MR so we can serve them.. Feel free to let me know the corrections if required