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    Arne Pfeilsticker
    Is it possible to define an etl process as an orientdb-studio function?
    Curtis Mosters
    hi I never tested, but never heard about that before
    so I dont't think so
    please ask in the user group if possible
    Yougeshwar Khatri
    i have some issue regarding orientdb
    I'm new in orientdb
    Yougeshwar Khatri
    First I'm retrieving object from db and then trying to delete using db.delete(obj) then again select query returns an object its not deleting
    Hi Guys
    where can get the Teleporter Migration
    and what is right OrientDB version to testing a pstgresql DB to OrientDB
    Rev. Richard E. Baker
    Hey Party people.... so I'm not a "consumer" of orientDB... but I am the ops guy who has to secure access to the studio... I'd like to proxy it behind my existing nginx reverse proxy, but even with URL rewrite, its not playing nicely... dont supposed anyone else has solved this issue and might provide direction?
    gonna cross post to the other channel too.
    Andrea Falzetti
    Does anyone know how to write a SQL-like query in OrientDB studio that returns all vertices that have at least one edge? I have a class called brands and another one called urls. The edge is called brands_urls and I would like to extract all the brands that have at least one url.

    Hello all. I've been trying to do something - and I just can't get it right.

    I have a Class called Actor, and a Class called Action.

    I'm trying to make a linked Edge Class - called ActionOwner with a Dictionary - because I want only one Actor to own an Action, and I want it to automatically remove itself if the ownership moves to another Actor.

    I've tried all manner of different combinations of things, and now I'm lost.