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Hi, is there a way to have a live Query over all the records in default cluster? doing .live("select FROM CLUSTER:default ", liveQueryListener does not seem to be enough
Mauro Mariuzzo
Hi, is anyone using OrientDB on Kubernets on Google Cloud Platform? There are some problems or hints?
Ankesh Kapil
Is there any way to cast result from query to java object without using object api?
I am running the 3.0.30-tp3 docker imagine for OrientDB that contains a Gremlin server. I am using Gremlin.Net to connect to OrientDB through the Gremlin Server. When I try to run queries using a graph traversal I get the following error: Deserializer for "orient:ORecordId" not found. Does anyone know the cause of this?
Hi. I stumbled upon the simple question in my first steps: what so-called "Generic Classes" need for? I have not found a clear answer in the documentation, stackoverflow, and google group (I am sorry if it just by my inadvertence). So can somebody enlighten this for me?
Mauro Mariuzzo
@ankeshKapil supposing your query return a Document mappable to a POJO my approach is to add to the pojo class a static method named "of (Document doc)" where I create a new instance of the java class an manually set all fields values with document values. Then you could use java stream capability to map your result OResultSet result = session.command("SELECT * FROM abc"); result.stream().map(MyPojo::of);
Enrico Risa
Hi @ohbutgtol Generic classes are just classes that does not derive from V or E, usually when you don't want graph capabilities on a particular class
Enrico Risa

Hi @madiganz the cause is that the id of OrientDB is a composition of 2 values composing the ORecordId, which is serialized in a custom way.

Could you try this solution if it helps?



@wolf4ood I can confirm that it got rid of the error, thanks!
Isaac Levi Tzab Poot
Hello, I am looking for a way to make a gremlin query in orient to make math operations, but in some forums said that no have support for it. Is there a way to achieved?
Not sure if this is the correct place for this, but does anyone know of a clean way to cast the response from a Gremlin query using Gremlin.Net to a class? I am currently needed to use ValueMap<object, object[]>() and the iterate through a Dictionary to create my class objects.

Suggestion of 10 (TEN) crucial items for developing web application 2020

Could someone suggest the best tool/framework for small or medium size or enterprise web application for 2020 - 10 to 1000 users and millions of records

#1 - Best Unit test case framework

#2 - Best NoSQL Database

#3 - Best Relation Database

#4 - Best Synchronous Framework

#5 - Best Asychronous Framework

#6 - Best Front-End Framework (Active Development, Max Support)

#7 - Best Debugging Tool

#8 - Best Performance Tuning Tool

#9 - Best Code Coverage Tool

#10 - Best DB migration tool (ex: flyway)


Dee Nguyen
Hi Everyone, I am a newer to OrientDB. I am creating a graph for tracking online activities using OrientDB. Is it possible to create a Vertex with millions of Edges? In my case, I create a Vertex called UTMSource (i.e Organic Source), from Online User, I create Edges to these UTMSource Vertices with time. I suppose to have millions of edges. I read some articles and I realize this is a super node, and I should avoid. Does anyone has the same problems?
Hi, how do we get with previous or next row data in Select query. Something like LEAD()/LAG() functions in sql server
Is there a way to tell orientdb that there is going to be a massive insert, such as https://orientdb.com/docs/last/Performance-Tuning.html#use-the-massive-insert-intent, from a gremlin query? Or does it explicitly need to be done though OrientDB API? The problem I am having is I say I have three vertices: V1, V2, and V3. I want to create an edge from V2 -> V3. The problem I am having is when I have not much data, I can create many of these edges very fast. After I insert 800k V1s, creating edges between V2 and V3 is now MUCH slower.
Philipp Kraus

Hello, I'm just starting with OrientDB and I try to build my first graph database:

create class User extends V;
create property User.mail String;

and on this call I get an parsing error. If I run the statements manually sequentially everything works fine, but I would like to create a SQL File, which generates the whole database structure in my Docker container. How can I run multiple statements? And can I build the database on the Docker build?

Philipp Kraus

Hello, I Try to build a docker container, which generates on building a database and import the schema with some example datasets, I just trie to run

RUN console.sh "create database plocal:/orientdb/databases/orientdb"
RUN console.sh "connect plocal:/orientdb/databases/orientdb root; load script /sqlscripts/all.sql"

But the first command does not create the database and the second one will fail. If I run it manually it will work

@flashpixx I have never tried this myself, but I believe that you need to run console.sh from /orientdb/bin/.

I have pasted the code in


I will be having huge list of rows in the datatable and each row will have a specific href or mp3 file link. However the code always opens the serm.mp3 eventhough whatever i pass in the link.

Can someone help me on how to fix this javascript?

Basically want to change the src of the mp3 file when the media player open on clicking the href link in the datatable

PVJ Pavan Kumar
Hi, I am trying to execute unionall query in server-side function

var db = orient.getDatabase();
var queryStmt = "select expand($d) ";
queryStmt = queryStmt + "\n" + "let $a = (SELECT content_id, description as Description, user_id, 'description' as search_type from Content WHERE SEARCH_FIELDS(['description'],'description:'"+keywords+"'') = true), $b = (SELECT content_id, user_tags as Topic, user_id, 'topic' as search_type from Content WHERE SEARCH_FIELDS(['user_tags'],'user_tags:'"+keywords+"'') = true), $c = (SELECT user_id, username, full_name, in('userFollow').size() as followers, out('userContent').size() as videos, 'hashtags' as search_type from User WHERE SEARCH_CLASS('"+keywords+"'*') = true), $d = unionAll($a,$b,$c)"

var result = db.command('sql',queryStmt);
return result;

But I am getting the below error
"errors": [
"reason": 400,
"code": 400,
"content": "Error parsing query:\nsql\n ^\nEncountered \" <IDENTIFIER> \"sql \"\" at line 1, column 1.\nWas expecting one of:\n <LET> ...\n <EXPLAIN> ...\n \r\n\tDB name=\"talkiez\"\r\n\tError Code=\"1\""
not sure what is wrong in the above function
can someone help me ?
try following statement, or you can print the statement in logs and check OrientDB server console log.
var result = db.command(queryStmt);
PVJ Pavan Kumar
thanks Vikram, it didnt work
Willians Vivanco
Hi, i'm having this error...
com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OSecurityAccessException: User 'app-api-recommendations' does not have permission to execute the operation 'Update' against the resource: ResourceGeneric [name=CLUSTER, legacyName=database.cluster].internal DB name="api-recommendations"
Any suggestion about which permission should i activate ?
PVJ Pavan Kumar
I guess write permissions for the user "app-api-recommendations"
Naseem Mahasneh
I have a problem while committing edges in OrientDB version (3.1.2)?? Any help
com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OStorageException: Exception during execution of component operation inside component collections_22.sbc in storage DemoDB
Hi All, When I run and stop the scala application as service. I got this error:
"Not more resources available in pool. Requested resource
P.S: I am using orientdb 1.6.6
Paul Agron
Hi Everyone, investigating the product on a mac but getting "Cannot find default script language for javascript" warning
Javascript is unavailable as an option in the studio
Hi all, is there any way in the Java API to monitor the number of
  • all connections
  • all available (i.e. free) connections
  • all currently used connections
Hi all, did anyone else encounter this issue before ? orientechnologies/orientdb#9431
hi all , when i try to use command "repair database --fix-links" to fix a database error, i got some some java.lang.NullPointerException. does anyone ever met the same problem?
Hi all, I am trying to upgrade the OrientGo driver so that it supports OrientDB 3.0. Currently, it supports OrientDB 2.1 but I already implemented the support for OrientDB 2.2 and the next step is to implement the support for OrientDB 3.0 version. However, I did not find the documentation related with the binary protocol version 37 (It is used in OrientDB-3.0) in the official documentation (http://orientdb.com/docs/3.1.x/internals/Network-Binary-Protocol.html). Does someone know where I can find that documentation? I only have found in the Java and NodeJS drivers that there have been many changes in the network binary protocol from the Protocol version 37 but I think all is implemented in the code and there is not documentation. Some hints?
Hi! I'm looking for the documentation of the access token in orient db to use it in application user authetication but can't find it.
Can anyone put the token documentation link please.
Ps: rest api usage not binary
Could not find the documentation on how to set up the /token/<db> but I did activated it by using the configuration 'network.http.useToken' set to 'true' in the bin/server.sh startup file by adding the argument -Dnetwork.http.useToken="true"
now I can authenticate using the /token/<db> endpoint and I receive access token.
I want to use orientdb to authenticate application users and by validating their token afterward in the application. (You think this is possible? scaling problems maybe one day?)
meanwhile to retrieve data from db I will make a technical user that will use the normal basic authentification OsessionId.
any thoughts? Thanks !
Hi, I am little new to OrientDB, can you tell me how to connect to OrientDB Cluster (Multi-Master) using pyorient
@emmanuel-ma are you working on a specific open repo ?
I'm working on an app that uses rest api to communicate with orientdb.. the binary protocol will be a good step forward for go/orientdb community
Marcelo D. Ré
Hi. Anyone is fighting with the huge sbc files?
I'am trying to find the way to reduce it but the OrientDB code is poorly documented, so is very hard to dive in.
I want to make a tool to shrink that files.
Bartosz Żbikowski

Hello, I'm having a problem with upgrading orientDB from 3.1.7 to 3.1.9 in a distributed configuration.

What I'm trying to do:

  1. Stop orientdb
  2. Delete old orientdb files except for orientdb-server-config.xml, databases and backups (that are being kept in separate folders)
  3. Unpack new orientdb, add encryption key, correct backup setting, change permissions
  4. Start OrientDB

But after starting the database, I'm receiving the following error:

Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]: 2021-03-01 16:15:09:251 INFO  [node1611150122103] Reassignment of clusters for database 'databasename' completed (classes=25) [OHazelcastPlugin][node1611150122103] Error on starting distributed plugin
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Long cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.ODistributedMomentum.getLSN(ODistributedMomentum.java:59)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.ODistributedSyncConfiguration.load(ODistributedSyncConfiguration.java:101)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.ODistributedSyncConfiguration.<init>(ODistributedSyncConfiguration.java:61)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.impl.ODistributedDatabaseImpl.getSyncConfiguration(ODistributedDatabaseImpl.java:867)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin$4.call(OHazelcastPlugin.java:898)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin$4.call(OHazelcastPlugin.java:875)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.impl.ODistributedAbstractPlugin.executeInDistributedDatabaseLock(ODistributedAbstractPlugin.java:1963)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin.loadLocalDatabases(OHazelcastPlugin.java:871)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin.startup(OHazelcastPlugin.java:317)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.registerPlugins(OServer.java:1258)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.activate(OServer.java:500)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServerMain$1.run(OServerMain.java:49)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]: 2021-03-01 16:15:09:256 INFO  OrientDB Server is shutting down... [OServer]
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]: 2021-03-01 16:15:09:256 INFO  Shutting down listeners: [OServer]

Does anyone know what can be the issue here?