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@emmanuel-ma are you working on a specific open repo ?
I'm working on an app that uses rest api to communicate with orientdb.. the binary protocol will be a good step forward for go/orientdb community
Marcelo D. Ré
Hi. Anyone is fighting with the huge sbc files?
I'am trying to find the way to reduce it but the OrientDB code is poorly documented, so is very hard to dive in.
I want to make a tool to shrink that files.
Bartosz Żbikowski

Hello, I'm having a problem with upgrading orientDB from 3.1.7 to 3.1.9 in a distributed configuration.

What I'm trying to do:

  1. Stop orientdb
  2. Delete old orientdb files except for orientdb-server-config.xml, databases and backups (that are being kept in separate folders)
  3. Unpack new orientdb, add encryption key, correct backup setting, change permissions
  4. Start OrientDB

But after starting the database, I'm receiving the following error:

Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]: 2021-03-01 16:15:09:251 INFO  [node1611150122103] Reassignment of clusters for database 'databasename' completed (classes=25) [OHazelcastPlugin][node1611150122103] Error on starting distributed plugin
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Long cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.ODistributedMomentum.getLSN(ODistributedMomentum.java:59)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.ODistributedSyncConfiguration.load(ODistributedSyncConfiguration.java:101)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.ODistributedSyncConfiguration.<init>(ODistributedSyncConfiguration.java:61)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.impl.ODistributedDatabaseImpl.getSyncConfiguration(ODistributedDatabaseImpl.java:867)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin$4.call(OHazelcastPlugin.java:898)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin$4.call(OHazelcastPlugin.java:875)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.impl.ODistributedAbstractPlugin.executeInDistributedDatabaseLock(ODistributedAbstractPlugin.java:1963)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin.loadLocalDatabases(OHazelcastPlugin.java:871)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.hazelcast.OHazelcastPlugin.startup(OHazelcastPlugin.java:317)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.registerPlugins(OServer.java:1258)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.activate(OServer.java:500)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]:         at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServerMain$1.run(OServerMain.java:49)
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]: 2021-03-01 16:15:09:256 INFO  OrientDB Server is shutting down... [OServer]
Mar 01 16:15:09 xxx server.sh[75199]: 2021-03-01 16:15:09:256 INFO  Shutting down listeners: [OServer]

Does anyone know what can be the issue here?

Mauro Mariuzzo
Hi, after a file system crash some OrientDB files were corrupted and removed by fsck. Fortunately they were indexes not tables. Unfortunately the last customer backup is too old.
Without these files I'm unable to connect to the database to do a repair.
There is a way to remove these file from the database metadata? Or recreate it empty? Or ignore on database connection?
I'm using 3.0.37

OrienrDB V 2.2.0
This is working-> select from #22:0;
But not this -> select from Classname;

Does anybody have any idea?

Error log:
Error: com.orientechnologies.orient.core.sql.OCommandSQLParsingException: Error parsing query: select from vertex ^ Encountered " <FROM> "from "" at line 1, column 8. Was expecting one of: <NULL> ... "true" ... "false" ... "{" ... <NULL> ... "{" ... "true" ... "false" ...
is Vertex reserved word in orient db v2.2.0 because it worked before in version 1.6.6
Luca Garulli
try using `vertex `
Tim Whittington

Can anyone clarify what the future for manual indexes is, as the current state of code/docs is a bit confusing...

We've got an automatic index that we're querying directly , e.g. using SELECT COUNT(*) AS size FROM INDEX: syntax.
This triggers the "Manual indexes are deprecated and will be removed" warning, but this is for an automatic index.
The docs at http://orientdb.com/docs/3.1.x/indexing/Indexes.html are silent on deprecation of any of the direct index queries.

Is the intention that direct query of indexes is also deprecated and will be removed, or just the manual management of indexes?

hi body.i want connect remote:localhost/dbname root root but i got error
anybody can help me?
Error: com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.ODatabaseException: Cannot open database
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this is message
i run orientedb via docker
Hello everyone, we are facing some issues with the performance of ODB, can someone help with this question related to how ODB applies the indexes when going through the edges? Thanks in advantage! https://discourse.orientdb.org/t/what-data-is-scanned-when-indexes-are-used-when-going-through-the-edges/1459
Marcelo D. Ré
Hello everyone. I have create a java-function that return the full path between two OElement but I do not found the correct way to return it results.
Actually it collect all the path in ArraList<ArrayList<OElement>> but it is not shown in the Studio. I suppose that I should use something like OResultSet but I don't found anythig about its.
Hello. I am using OrientDB 3.1.10 and I am interested in partitioned graphs multi tenancy solution (https://orientdb.org/docs/3.1.x/datamodeling/Multi-Tenant.html#use-partitioned-graphs). However in the security section of documentation, record level security feature is marked as deprecated (https://orientdb.org/docs/3.1.x/security/Database-Security.html#record-level-security-deprecated-in-v-31) and replaced by predicate security, which is more flexible but, as far as I understand, don't have out-of-the-box mechanism that sets appropriate fields on record creation (like ORestricted class did). What is a suggested approach? Should I create a hook that sets e.g. owner from a current user manually ?
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Jonathan D Strootman
After I set lightweight edges to true, how do I verify it is set?
It does not appear in CONFIG nor PROPERTIES in console.
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Shreyank Sharma

Hi All,

we have a distributed orientdb deployed in kubernetes in 2 differenct region,
we planed to change the rootpassword in both the orietndb
after changing the password, one of the cluster worked properly, but another is starting giving following logs,

DB name="OurDB"
at com.orientechnologies.orient.core.storage.impl.local.OAbstractPaginatedStorage.open(OAbstractPaginatedStorage.java:323)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.core.db.document.ODatabaseDocumentTx.open(ODatabaseDocumentTx.java:259)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.openDatabase(OServer.java:988)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.openDatabase(OServer.java:958)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer.openDatabase(OServer.java:949)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.network.protocol.binary.ONetworkProtocolBinary.openDatabase(ONetworkProtocolBinary.java:915)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.network.protocol.binary.ONetworkProtocolBinary.handshakeRequest(ONetworkProtocolBinary.java:249)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.server.network.protocol.binary.ONetworkProtocolBinary.execute(ONetworkProtocolBinary.java:214)
at com.orientechnologies.common.thread.OSoftThread.run(OSoftThread.java:82)
Caused by: com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OStorageException: Cannot open storage it is acquired by other process

and this--

DB name="OSystem"
at com.orientechnologies.orient.core.storage.impl.local.paginated.OPaginatedStorageDirtyFlag.lockFile(OPaginatedStorageDirtyFlag.java:109)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.core.storage.impl.local.paginated.OPaginatedStorageDirtyFlag.open(OPaginatedStorageDirtyFlag.java:142)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.core.storage.impl.local.paginated.OLocalPaginatedStorage.preOpenSteps(OLocalPaginatedStorage.java:438)
at com.orientechnologies.orient.core.storage.impl.local.OAbstractPaginatedStorage.open(OAbstractPaginatedStorage.java:271)
... 18 more

$ANSI{green {db=videoDB}} authenticate()
com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OStorageException: Cannot open local storage '/orientdb/databases/OSystem' with mode=rw
and when we try to change the admin password, it is giving

com.orientechnologies.orient.server.distributed.ODistributedException: Quorum (2) cannot be reached on server "server2 name" because it is major than available node(1)

why orientdb wants to open OSystem db in mode=rw ?
and why db from one cluster allowed me to change password, where another is giving me Ouorum issues?

Thanks in advance

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Jonathan D Strootman
Anyone have anything?
Come on! Between this room and the discourse server, it's too quiet, lol
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Can someboby please help me with this error (during startup)

OS windows 10 20H2
JDK 16.0.1
OrientDB 3.2.0

João Carlos Gaspar Carimo
Any idea on how to convert com.orientechnologies.orient.core.record.OVertex to com.tinkerpop.blueprints.Vertex in Java?
Stefano Tondo
hello everyone
II think there is something wrong with the OrientDB HTTP API documentation regarding the COMMAND with json body and in general it could be greatly and easily improved