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@lsthornt yes, one way to do it :)
Samuele Salines
Hi everyone, idk if this is a stupid question and I have the answer right under my nose, but, how can you change the id:
*id_token exp field?
hydra help host | grep LIFESPAN
Samuele Salines
oh thanks
How do you @/all feel about moving to a new chat? Since gitter was bought, support has frozen, and some things (like broken mentions on mobile) have bugging me for a while. I also want to merge all chats into one in order to bring the community together. One of the services I'm looking at is discord, because it doesn't require registration, it's free of charge, the UX is nice, and a few others. I don't think it will be slack because I hate the user management there.
Samuele Salines
Discord IMO is the best service atm
I agree! It even supports voice chat
I set up a test channel, check it out if you want: https://discord.gg/PAMQWkr
Discord is really nice, supports bots (we really need an FAQ bot), voice chat, multiple channels, ...

README's have been updated everywhere, this chat will stay open until most users are moved and will close eventually. From now on, questions will be answered at discord :)

>> https://discord.gg/PAMQWkr <<

Thank you for being a part of the community!


Dear @/all - a new issue has surfaced. The recent discussion around the new consent flow has been a delight, and we would like to get your feedback and ideas for this one as well!

>> ory/hydra#795 <<

Guys, how can i install hydra as binary on windows?
@Somdutt-Sharma are you able to fix this?
Wayne Robinson
The binaries listed https://github.com/ory/hydra/releases don’t work??
Igmar Palsenberg
While discord might be great feature-wise, at least Gitter works behind corporate firewalls. Discord does not :(
not even in the browser?
Igmar Palsenberg
That's unfortunate, but there's still the option to ask in the forums ( community.ory.am ) which is usually even better for very specific questions, or you can try it here but most people aren't active in this chat
or, ask your employer to whitelist discord
or use a proxy :D
Vince Verberckt
Hi, what's the lifetime of a refresh token?
Michel Aquino

Hi guys, I'm trying to revoke a token using the Go SDK, but an error is occuring
The client that I'm using, has permission to revoke.

Hydra logs:

level=error msg="An error occurred" debug="HTTP Authorization header missing or invalid" error=invalid_request hint="Make sure that the various parameters are correct, be aware of case sens
itivity and trim your parameters. Make sure that the client you are using has exactly whitelisted the redirect_uri you specified."

Someone has an ideia what is happening?


this channel is no longer active please go to https://discord.gg/PAMQWkr

how about run hydra on window withdow docker

this channel is no longer active please go to https://discord.gg/PAMQWkr


Hey, everyone, how are you?
i am evaluating to use Ory Hydra at my current job and so far it looks really good, but i have a complex use case and i want to know if it is possible to solve it with Hydra.
Basically, what i want to implement is implement the Trusted Master Access Delegation Pattern described in the book Advanced API Security by Prabath

that in general says

"The APIs are hosted in different departments, and each department runs its own OAuth authorization server due to vendor incompatibilities in different deployments. Company employees are allowed to access these APIs via web applications while they’re behind the company firewall, regardless of the department to which they belong.

All user data is stored in a centralized Active Directory, and all the web applications are connected to a centralized OAuth authorization server (which also supports OpenID Connect) to authenticate users. The web applications need to access back-end APIs on behalf of the logged-in user. These APIs may come from different departments, each of which has its own authorization server. The company also has a centralized OAuth authorization server, and an employee having an access token from the centralized authorization server must be able to access any API hosted in any department."

Is it possible to do this kind of Trusted Master Access Delegation?
i want to use Ory Hydra as our Master
hi, I am new to hydra. I'm using third party like azure active directory to integration with hydra. I'm using spring security oauth2 client, but I can't find a way to perform accept login request when I using Oauth2 flow, cause I can't get login_challenge in spring, and I can't find any sample of that, can some one help me out with that?
any one here?
I have a problem:I followed the oauth2 initial flow with the default login and consent app,after i successful authenticate,I jump to the same oauth2/auth ,but still need to pass login provider and consent provider.
Is it impossible to avoid jump to login provider and consent provider
plz give me one simple login with email and password
one simple exemple
Lê Văn Thịnh
hey guys. i need help with
let body = JSON.stringify({
code: req.query.code,
client_id: 'auth-code-client',
grant_type : 'authorization_code',
client_secret: 'secret',
fetch(config.Hydra.PublicUrl+ '/oauth2/token', {
    method: 'POST',
    body: body,
  .then(r => r.json())
  .then((body) => {
this is my fetch call and i get
{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed","error_hint":"Request parameter \"grant_type\"\" is missing","status_code":400}
can anyone help me please
pahomich R
matrixbot pahomich
does ory hydra support encrypting the access token using JWE spec (per strategy access_token: jwt )
Níko Escobar

Hi. how are you doing guys, I'm having an issue, do you guys have an idea of what might be the cause?

You are seeing this page because configuration key urls.error is not set.

I forgot how to do a search on a gitter chat history, would be a good way of finding if anyone has ever made this question before '-'