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    @matrixbot it's been like that for about 3-6months. The "new" dashboard had been sluggish. I always wrote it of as something that is a problem with being in South Africa and things being slow
    @mike.cardwell:grepular.com Well, it's the slowest to use website that I know of, and I'm in the UK with a 100Mbit connection
    Hi, I want to know how can I integrate the domain to the vps ip. I have set up the secondary dns in the vps with the domain from bluehost. But http://teachiate.com/ is just redirected. I want to show the domain name not redirected ip. Please let me know
    Marcos Lessa
    Hello, dumb question.
    Is it possible to use the ovh-manager in another OpenStack (non ovh) environment ?
    Hello ! Ovh-manager is open sourced so you can adapt and reuse it as you wish, openstack or not for sure
    On our side, we mostly rely on OVH.com API for the manager, not from openstack API
    (a customer can have acces to both API, OVH and openstack, but the manager is mostly linked to OVH one)
    Hi all; I just have a quick question. I ordered 2x Email Pro yesterday 4.45 PM (16.45) and it has been on "confirming" ever since. Does it usually take this long? I am considering just cancelling and going elsewhere as I kind of needed this yesterday :_)
    frustrated with the services of OVH I ordered Singapore dedicated server base but what i got is from CANADA
    hello @elica008 , maybe i’m wrong, but when you order a serveur hoster (physically) in singapore, you are redirected to OVH.ca for the management interface only.
    but your service is in singapore. You can verify that in your control panel / Servers / my server then check the localization
    Hmm must be frustrating for o thers cant interact with my server as i have "Pending Tasks", cant remove them, cant see them so i just sit here and wait it out? cant even reboot my service :/
    Sven Michels
    Hello, i want to delete/cancel my account but the ticket system always fails to create a ticket and complaints "No ticket found." - so how to open a request to delete the account if the ticket system doesn't work?
    Sven Michels
    Is there any way to get ahold of a customer service for this company besides a ticket? they been charging me for 5 months when i canceled day 1
    hello, i'm trying to add a domain to my ovh vps but i can't, i don't know what are the nameservers to config in the domain panel
    Hello please help me i pay for vps and i wait 20 hours dont give my vps and in order say Awaiting documents ... :(
    in ovh host
    please fix my problem my server open for 1 day ...
    question does anyone use OVH and packer?
    Antoine Leblanc
    Hi @hirsty! Sorry to hear you saying that.
    Please do not hesitate to raise a ticket.
    Our support team will help you to recover access to your server.
    Hello @geektoor! Are you still blocked on the ticket creation process within the
    Control Panel? If yes, please do not hesitate to fill an Issue here:
    And we'll have a look. Thank you!
    Sorry @Meliodas-7Sins we don't provide any customer support from this Gitter
    space. We have a Support Team that can help you. Please don't hesitate to refer
    to our help support https://help.ovhcloud.com. Thanks!
    Hi @jalcfer! Did you visit our documentation?
    or https://docs.ovh.com/gb/en/vps/
    Maybe these guides can help you.
    Please let us know if you find the right guide, Thanks!
    Hi @Viktor567! We don't provide customer support from this Gitter space.
    Please contact our Support Team.
    Hello @guillermo-menjivar!
    I never tested Packer, but please do not hesitate to raise your question.
    Maybe someone could help you. Thanks!
    im trying to find a metrics read token for grafana but I can see the place to generate one on the dashboard?
    I litterally dont see it under vps nor my account
    Antoine Leblanc

    Hi @DarkGhost7!

    Maybe there is a documentation that can help you here:

    Please let us know and if you didn't find the information, do not hesitate
    to reach also this following Gitter space called "ovh/metrics"


    hi, why i cant login on db and i cant upload files on my vps (i dont have permission) what the hell?
    So, on api.ovh.com there is an issue (solved by technicians, but still):
    On every examples it directs you to createToken/index.cgi
    This url DOES NOT work.
    You have to use this endpoint to get a token: /auth/credential
    Antoine Leblanc
    Hi @justo-rivera!
    Thanks for reporting us this issue.
    Are you referring to a specific SDK?
    If it's the case, please don't hesitate to fill an Issue on the repository.
    Thank you!
    12 replies
    On a block storage volume there is no way to get the ID:
    Kubernetes technicians told me to copy it from the url.
    volume id
    3 replies
    hi is it ok if i ask a question or it not allowed ?
    im using ovh game 2 server and im facing a huge ddos attack everyday 24/7
    its affect on the low-network players and some of high-network players
    and the packet loss getting higher per minute
    is there any way to block it ?
    btw the server is for fivem.
    OVH reactivate vps and billed my paypal account for service that was canceled back in 2018?
    Antoine Leblanc
    Hi @Root-Ksa!
    If you still suffer DDoS attack please don't hesitate to report it by using our Abuse form.
    Hi @DamjanRI!
    Sorry to hear you saying that.
    Unfortunately we cannot provide any product support from this Gitter space.
    Please reach our support team by filling a ticket from your control panel.
    Thank you!
    I have started using the OVH API (with python), working fine for the tests.
    However I don't understand the specific parameter "creationDatetime.from=None" used in "/telephony/{billingAccount}/service/{serviceName}/voiceConsumption".
    It returns a syntax error. I have tested with None and Datetime object too...
    Any idea what I'm missing here ?
    Hi, In the ovh control panel for public cloud (https://www.ovh.com/manager/public-cloud/#/ ), i can see only messages (like Information générale
    Dans le cadre de la lutte antifraude, et en application de la réglementation Européenne DSP2, il est désormais ...) but i cannot see anything else
    This is happening on Chrome, but it works fine on Safari
    Antoine Leblanc
    Hi @ericjeangirard ! Yes this message has been put in place since the beginning of this year (2021).
    What do you mean by "see only messages (...)"?
    Otherwise, don't hesitate to fill an Issue directly on the GitHub repository here: https://github.com/ovh/manager
    Thank you!
    If anyone else has the same issue, clearing the browser cache solved my problem
    Antoine Leblanc

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    @all We move on GitHub for free discussions.
    see you there: https://github.com/ovh/manager/discussions