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    Antoine Leblanc
    Hi @CHTJonas!
    Could you please DM me your nichandle?
    Charlie Jonas
    Thanks @antleblanc - managed to get things sorted in the end!
    Spoke to support and had to delete->recreate my account

    i cant contact with your support team more than 24hours.
    maybe you can ask them about TT2516108682 ?..

    and i'm sorry about chat misusage

    Who is OVH staff here?
    Antoine Leblanc

    Hi @skob!

    I'm sorry to hear you that you are not able to contact our support team.
    Here, in this Gitter channel, we do not provide any support regarding your
    services. The best option you have is to contact our support team.
    Hope it helps you!

    Hi @binnen808!

    I'm working at OVHcloud! How can I help you?

    Does anyone here can help me with my Dedicated Server ?
    i paid for it in Paypal
    but when i go down for
    Validate and Pay Button
    it's not working
    but it took 113.88 $ from paypal
    Tadhg Lewis
    @AhmadHerzallah You will need to contact OVH support as the OVH Gitter does not provide support. You can do this by logging into the OVH Manager then going to My Account in the top right then to My support requests and creating a support ticket. Support varies depending on your location though so you may be able to phone call or live chat as well
    Gilles TOURREAU
    Hello, when I try to create a kubernetes registry in the Public Cloud portal, nothing happen and and the following error is thrown in my browser : "TypeError: Cannot read property 'Agreements' of undefined".
    And the popup of the registry creation is still pending...
    The team in the https://gitter.im/ovh/container-registry channel said to me it is seam to be an UX issue...
    Hi @GillesTourreau Thank you for your feedback, We're fixing this issue. Sorry for convinience
    Gilles TOURREAU
    Hi @lizardK No worry... Do not forget to send me a notification when the fix will be available...
    Marie JONES
    Hello @GillesTourreau, issue should now be fixed
    Marcin Klimek
    Where do i find api access mgmt view? The only thing i can find is creating new (and that also just through url on some external website)
    Gilles TOURREAU
    @marie-j Hello, I confirm that the bug is fix, but now I have an other issue "Échec de la création du Registre privé: user has some contracts to agress". I will post it to the container-registry channel... Thx
    Hugo Chang
    Hi everyone, I wonder if this is the right place for this. But I'm not sure how to upgrade the php version of my VHS?
    Tadhg Lewis
    @yudasakura Not exactly the right place I would try https://community.ovh.com as OVH standard support does not provide software related support (and this isn't the place to ask for hardware support either). However when creating a OVH Community post make sure you are specific about what you need for example I'm not really sure what you mean by VHS I am as assuming you mean VPS? if so you can find out how to do this on Google. For example "How to upgrade to PHP version X.X on Ubuntu 16.04"
    Hugo Chang
    Thank you @tadhglewis I managed to do it correctly in the end, anyway. Now that I'm here what would be the purpose for this chat? :) (I mean I already have an account might as well use it!)
    Tadhg Lewis
    @yudasakura This channel is for the user experience ie the actual OVH control panel. So development questions when working on the OVH Manager (https://github.com/ovh/manager) and any other user experience things
    hello there fellas
    anyone can help me with virtual server stuff
    Suraj Kumar Thakur
    Guys is there some OVH cloud issues group, i had some queries and was looking if i could get some help
    Antoine Leblanc

    Hi @beyondstrike!

    If you encounter issue regarding your services, you can contact directly our
    Support team.

    If you had some trouble with or question regarding the usage of the
    Control Panel, we would be glad to help you.

    Hi @surajthakur!

    Feel free to ask your questions and we will be glad to help you or redirect
    you to the corresponding team if needed:)

    Yusuf YILDIZ
    hi there
    Antoine Leblanc

    Hi @yusufyildiz34!

    Let me know how I can help you? :)

    Yusuf YILDIZ
    I want to access our dedicated server
    My boss lost his credentials
    and we cannot reboot server because of running services
    @antleblanc what do you advice ?
    Hi. I apologize if not on the topic.
    Ordered the server on March 2 and still have not received it. I wrote to support in the ticket but no answer. No notification by mail about the server installation process comes. So it should be?
    2 Mar 2020
    order: 8968296
    Delivery in progress
    $257.98 USD
    Tadhg Lewis
    @yusufyildiz34 This chat is only for the OVH Control Panel related issues. This would also probably fall outside of the scope of OVH standard support as it is not an issue with the hardware and is something software related (see more here https://www.ovhcloud.com/en-au/support-levels/). Depending on your setup, operating system etc (I am testing with a Ubuntu Public Cloud Instance) and how your users are setup you might be able to use the VNC console if you click on your instance and login from there, otherwise I would suggest rebooting in rescue mode and mounting the disk then changing any configurations you need and rebooting guide here: https://docs.ovh.com/au/en/public-cloud/replacing_your_lost_ssh_key_pair/
    There are no servers for three days now. Support is not responding. Is everyone like this or am I special?
    Tadhg Lewis
    @miranosweb This is not the place for support inquires. This is only for the OVH Control Panel issues/development. I would suggest waiting for a reply from support or calling them if you have that option I would also create a post on the OVH Community forum: https://community.ovh.com/en to see if a community member can help or staff if they are monitoring it. however I would suggest checking your order status, if it says validation/validating this means your transaction was flagged and is undergoing a manual review process which should only happen once
    @miranosweb once it took OVH 2 months to deliver our servers.
    @tadhglewis ok, thank you
    @vkukk it is very sad, I hope this does not happen with me )

    Hey, how are you?

    Today I was received email what our account with four servers was suspended:


    Could you help us please ?

    All servers was paid week ago and we did not received any abuses.



    I would like to do some UX designs for existing web application...

    When i searched for template or screen or UX desigining..

    I come across Adobe XD, Invision App

    Can someone let me know any open source to do this?


    @miranosweb if you paid PayPal or debit/credit card - open a resolution ticket in PayPal - or contact your bank to issue a reverse charge to this transaction. - You will be surprised how fast ovh will contact you :)