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Repo info
    Juho Vepsäläinen
    i'll write a little spec for my tool so you can understand the idea better
    debugging/dealing with errors is one of the difficult parts of webpack
    Owais Lone
    It sure is :)
    Juho Vepsäläinen
    here's the initial spec i had in mind https://github.com/survivejs/webpack-doctor/issues
    Andrew Chen
    @owais: When you get a chance, could you take a look at this PR? It has to do with appending to the stats file rather than overwriting what was already in it.
    Juho Vepsäläinen
    @owais about webpack-doctor, https://github.com/js-dxtools/webpack-validator is achieving the vision :)
    @owais there's also https://github.com/js-dxtools/webpack-build-analyzer . more in a stub stage right now
    Eitan R
    @owais - Hey! I've been following your tutorial and cannot get webpack-bundle-tracker to see that I'm compiling a CSS bundle separately. Is this a common issue?
    Owais Lone
    Not that I'm aware of, could you share your webpack config and bundle tracker output?
    Eitan R
    hey! sure thing
    is there a good way to format them in Gitter?
    I apologize for not sharing the files - they're hosted on an enterprise server and contain some sensitive info but I'll share what I can
    var webpack = require('webpack');
    var path = require("path");
    var ExtractTextPlugin = require("extract-text-webpack-plugin");
    var BundleTracker = require('webpack-bundle-tracker');
    var BASE = __dirname;
    module.exports = {
        entry: {
          app: [BASE + '/js/index.js']
        output: {
            path: BASE + '/../static/compiled/',
            filename: "[name]-[hash].js"
        plugins: [
            new BundleTracker({filename: './webpack-stats.json'}),        
            new ExtractTextPlugin('stylez.css', { allChunks: true })
        module: {
            noParse: /vendor/,
            loaders: [
                    test: /\.js?$/,
                    loaders: ['babel-loader']
                    test: /\.(less|css)?$/,
                    loader: ExtractTextPlugin.extract("style-loader", "css-loader!less-loader")
                    test: /\.json$/,
                    loader: "json"
                    test: /\.csv$/,
                    loader: "dsv-loader"
                    test: /\.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif)/,
                    loader: 'file-loader'
    here's my webpack-stats.json:
        "status": "done",
        "chunks": {
            "app": [{
                "name": "bundle.js",
                "path": "/Users/eitan/Sites/myApp/static/compiled/bundle.js"
    STATIC_URL = '/static/'
    STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'static/compiled/')
        'DEFAULT': {
            'BUNDLE_DIR_NAME': 'compiled/',
            'STATS_FILE': os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'frontend/webpack-stats.json')
    @owais ^
    Eitan R
    one of the main reasons things aren't working is also the webpack-stats.json doesn't seem to update or regenerate ever...
    Here's my template:
    <!DOCTYPE html />
            <meta charset="UTF-8">
                {% if title %} {{ title }} | {% endif %}
                {{ site_title|default:_('Lexikon') }}
            <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
            <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/static/images/favicon.png">
            {% render_bundle 'style' %}
        {% render_bundle 'app' %}
    Owais Lone
    render_bundle 'style' is wrong as there is no style bundle. There is only 1 app bundle. You should use render_bundle 'style' 'css'. That should work.
    .. that said, your stats file indeed does not contain any references to CSS so that is a problem
    Does webpack actually generate any CSS bundles at all on disk?
    Which version of bundle-tracker are you using?
    Eitan R
    @owais - sorry for the delay!
    I was in a meeting
    I am using "webpack-bundle-tracker": "^0.1.0"
    Well, sometimes it creates it, sometimes it doesn't (the CSS file)
    sorry, "stylez"
    Eitan R
    @owais - at what point in the build process should the webpack-stats be updated?
    Eitan R
    ok yes now the CSS is always there, but webpack-stats is still not updating...
    Eitan R
    @owais - and I figured it out! I was pointing to the wrong directory from the webpack settings
    sorry about that! now everything updates beautifully
    José Luis
    Hi guys, one question
    Is possible use this package with ES6?
    And use with the last webpack version?
    Because i have problems with ti.
    Parth Choudhary
    @owais I have an issue, I am using compression-webpack-plugin
    It creates the .gz file, but bundle-tracker picks chunks and by default .js is loaded
    Any workaround for it?
    Owais Lone
    @SalahAdDin Please create an issue on github and add details about the problem. Preferably, also publish an example test project that reproduces the problem.
    @parth-choudhary It should work out of the box if you files end with the extension .js.gz or .css.gz
    If it doesn't or if you'd like support for more file types, please file an issue on github
    Tyler Hallada
    I'm having the same issue as @parth-choudhary
    Eddy Ekofo
    Having the problem but I am on pyramid framework, google brought me here. @thallada @owais
    François GUÉRIN
    I'm new with webpack technology, and I've to upgrade a project to use it
    I've build the site arround jQuery / bootstrap 3, and a custom bunch of css (bs overridings) and js (forms)
    I've followed the http://owaislone.org/blog/webpack-plus-reactjs-and-django/ tutorial, but I does not understand where to put my own assets and how to "ask" to webpack to package them
    I also use a bunch of django apps, will they be bundled too ?
    Thanks for your help !
    HEY! ANYBODY HERE?? I NEED HELP, I can explain my case, but it seems that nobody here would even answer @owais
    Owais Lone
    It's better to just ask the question instead of asking if you can ask :)
    I'll try to answer later today