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Ryan Riley
I think most of them should be added to this section of index.html: https://github.com/owin/owin.github.io/blob/master/index.html#L131-L139
Also, what's the status of owin/owin#29
We have a bunch of spec proposals we never voted on. Should we start trying to move those forward again?
Yaser Moradi
@panesofglass yeah, it's cool :) I'm gonna do that right after we uploaded the main site!
Ryan Riley
Ryan Riley
Please ping me here after you submit the PRs; I have been checking, but I'm known for going a long time without noticing GitHub notifications.
How do you use the same correlation id in owin middleware and web api?
Owin has requestid and httprequestmessage has getcorrelaionid. Anyway to have both share the same value?
Jean van Dender
hello anybody of you use entity framework?
hello everyone
Mauricio Molinero
not too much action here
Ryan Riley
no, the spec work has slowed to a crawl. :)
Yaser Moradi
Jeff Tillwick
Anyone able to answer a question about using rewrite module with owin?
Jeff Tillwick
Well, maybe someone knows how to help anyway. I have a simple Owin project I created from the Owin WebApi SPA Template in VS2015. All of my html is in the public folder at the root of the project. I need to enable html5mode redirects to index.html for non existing files and directories. The problem is that REQUEST_FILENAME does not include the public directory in the path string. For example http://localhost:1337/main.js shows that the file is actually located at c:\TestApp\main.js instead of c:\TestApp\public\main.js. This is the rule I'm using: https://gist.github.com/brandanmajeske/ec99043d9af49f2bd7c2
Ryan Riley
I built an OWIN middleware to handle that sort of thing. I haven't used IIS rewrite rules in a long time.
Hello, I have a question. How does owin parse the file uploaded by the user? .Files can be obtained directly in HttpReques, and owin does not know how to deal with it
Ryan Riley
@CrazyNiutou OWIN is merely an abstraction layer and does not handle the details. You have to either write or use a middleware or application delegate to handle the parts of the OWIN dictionary you want to use.
Hello. I am new to using OWIN, and have a question, which I am not sure I am asking correctly. If it is OK, as the question is quite long, I have posted it on StackOverflow, but have not received any responses. Can anyone help me out with this? I am not even sure if what I am trying to do is possible. There doesn't seem to be a lot of out there to help: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48174048/sso-with-azure-adfs-and-owin
Cristian Eriomenco
Hey guys! Whats the purpose of OwinContext.Environment.Extra and StrongExtra ?
Robert Dickow
OWIN works great for me. Recently in one of my MVC web apps the call to UserManager.EmailService.Send() has sporadically failed (say, for an imaginary email address) without raising an Exception. I know this is not OWIN's fault. To fix it I replaced the call for sending an email confirmation code in the MVC UserManager with my own email sending routine. Now solid. Anybody else notice issues with VS MVC 5's templated routine for this? Funny it won't raise Exceptions... maybe because it uses awaited tasks?
Probly' wrong place to post that just now... just tossed it out there.
hi all
iam new to owin .i want to host my webapi on owin need help
Yaser Moradi
@asimmca1234_twitter Where do you want to host you web api owin app?
Andreas Pardeike
Hello everyone. Windows Authentication is not my strong suite so maybe this is a dumb question. At our company, we made a custom token based authentication framework/protocol very much like oauth2. The token appears as a header on calls to any server and is self contained. Works great with a custom J2EE security context provider we made. Now we want this for a range of windows based solutions we have. Is this possible to build a module in a generic way and where would I start to look for more info? /Andreas
ashutosh singh
i am implement linkedin login with owin but alway return null data .how can sove it .please any one help
the hell is owin
I am trying Owin for role based authorization in my application with existing database in sql server any tutorial
ashutosh singh
done login google facebook using owin
Saleh Yusefnejad
@panesofglass , I've submitted a PR to add bit-framework to the website. please review it. tnx alot.
Yaser Moradi
@msynk Thumbs up!
@s2421991_twitter any code to share?
maybe it can help to community.
I am new in OWIN, I am actually trying to implement it in VS 2012 web api. I have implemented all the thing mentioned https://blogs.perficient.com/2017/06/11/token-based-authentication-in-web-api-2-via-owin/. But I am getting 17 errors, which are all about the implementing methods of Microsoft.Owin.Security.OAuth.IOAuthAuthorizationServerProvider. How can I resolve those errors to build my application.
Coffee Digital
Hi Guys
I need Help
Who to create a SelfHost in Dotnet Core using Owin?
The Sharp Ninja
I see that things concerning OWIN are pretty slow. Has a specific alternative replaced it?
hello i am using owin for microsoft authentication i an MVC web app i have a question does microsoft acc have an specific Id so i can store it in the DB or i can only use the email
Ryan Riley
@sharpninja OWIN is just a specification and, at present, considered fully defined. Interest waned as ASP.NET Core was released and has, for the most part, superceded the original goals of OWIN. Some still use it, though, and it's still quite useful if you are on ASP.NET 4 or .NET 4 full framework.

Hi Everyone, can you help me?
Is there a way to customize the "Authorization" header key?
We are moving our app to a server that is behind a Basic authentication, so I have to send "Authorization: Basic XXX" in the header.
We are thinking about changing our "Authorization: Bearer XXX" to something like "X-Authorization: Bearer X" so it won't conflict with the firewall basic authentication.

Any help is welcome!

Aravinda das
Hi, I have a MVC 4 application and a WEB api application which is created using asp.net mvc 5. I am using idsrv 4 to login into MVC 4 application from there to fetch data I am sending the request to web api application. I am sending the access_token in request header but I am not able to use that in web api application. How to use that in web api application?
hey guys, looks like the owin.org site needs some love and updating of what's still alive and usable and what's dead and no longer usable
i.e. the link to Katana points to... CodePlex!!!
Nowin is no longer an active project
a word or two about .NET Core would be nice these days
@panesofglass what were the original goals of OWIN?