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Coffee Digital
Who to create a SelfHost in Dotnet Core using Owin?
The Sharp Ninja
I see that things concerning OWIN are pretty slow. Has a specific alternative replaced it?
hello i am using owin for microsoft authentication i an MVC web app i have a question does microsoft acc have an specific Id so i can store it in the DB or i can only use the email
Ryan Riley
@sharpninja OWIN is just a specification and, at present, considered fully defined. Interest waned as ASP.NET Core was released and has, for the most part, superceded the original goals of OWIN. Some still use it, though, and it's still quite useful if you are on ASP.NET 4 or .NET 4 full framework.

Hi Everyone, can you help me?
Is there a way to customize the "Authorization" header key?
We are moving our app to a server that is behind a Basic authentication, so I have to send "Authorization: Basic XXX" in the header.
We are thinking about changing our "Authorization: Bearer XXX" to something like "X-Authorization: Bearer X" so it won't conflict with the firewall basic authentication.

Any help is welcome!

Aravinda das
Hi, I have a MVC 4 application and a WEB api application which is created using asp.net mvc 5. I am using idsrv 4 to login into MVC 4 application from there to fetch data I am sending the request to web api application. I am sending the access_token in request header but I am not able to use that in web api application. How to use that in web api application?
hey guys, looks like the owin.org site needs some love and updating of what's still alive and usable and what's dead and no longer usable
i.e. the link to Katana points to... CodePlex!!!
Nowin is no longer an active project
a word or two about .NET Core would be nice these days
@panesofglass what were the original goals of OWIN?
Hi everybody, I'm a newbie in ASP.NET core. I'm trying to make a server using self-host OWIN on ASP.NET core. I try to find some a guide or tutorial on internet. Do you have any idea? Pls help me. Thank you so much.
Muhammad Tayyab Rana
Christian Toivola
@manhdatbn93 - I just did this.. check this github repo: https://github.com/danesparza/OWIN-WebAPI-Service (I think OWIN and ASP.NET core are two different things, correct me if Im wrong).
I NEED HELP!! I have a OWIN self hosted project running inside a windows service, and my ApiController cannot access the HttpContext.. HttpContext.Current is null since its not hosted on IIS, and I need to get to the request object so I can get the query parameters out. Pointers appreciated!
Hi all
i want to ask, if it's possible to run owin in asp.net mvc application behind reverse proxy like apache mod_proxy. I cannot get this to work.
Unfortunately I cannot find information about this.
If I "just try" I get "access denied" from google OAuth Api.
Hello, I'm looking for an example of a project using OWIN with a response type "code".
I use the Owin.OpenIdConnect library but I have a bug in Redirect_Uri
Hello, I would like to implement UsesSessions in Startup.cs to session management, but I don't know how can I do that with Owin, anyone could help, please? Thank yoi:)
Riedl Kevin, Bsc. (WSDT)
Is there any documentation on how to use owin with Http 2.0?
sigfried breton
can you explain what is the meaning of OWIN ?? thanks for answer
Carlos Alberto Costa Beppler
http://owin.org/ <- the first sentence has the explanation.