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Ayush Singh
What will be the code (plugin_name@code.py) of the plugins in issue owtf/owtf#485
Viyat Bhalodia
Can be added as a semi-passive and external plugin.
I don't think a separate plugin code is required, but it can go under Spiders, and Crawlers (semi passive) and Infrastructure config (active).
Ayush Singh
Added svn-extractor. Can anybody review DoomTaper/owtf@d150c3a ?
After successfully adding a plugin, I will update "HOW_TO_WRITE_PLUGINS" file also.
Amit Gupta
@delta24 there are around 850 command to test for msfconsole. I have retrieved all the required field for all. It does not seems feasible to test all and look for required fields. Any suggestions..
Karan Desai
Hello developers, is the room active for GSoC '16 related discussions ?
Viyat Bhalodia
Yes, but you can also ask on IRC
Set up an IRC bouncer like znc so that you don't miss messages :)
Viyat Bhalodia
@karandesai-96 short question -> irc
more articulated question -> email
By email I mean the mailing list
We will shift slowly over the time to Gitter. In the meantime, IRC+email is the best way to reach everyone :)
Bharadwaj Machiraju
Cool :+1:
Karan Desai
Great, I will join in. Yes, over the time Gitter wil be more convenient, considering the ease of access and cutting edge integrations ;)
Hello ,
I am a beginner and I want to contribute . From where I should start?
I have installed owtf on a ubuntu box by cloning repo. The setp up works fine, I have target list. Once plugins are selected and launched, nothing happens. I have reviewed targets for any transactions: nothing. I have searched for documentation for support: nothing very usefull. Anyone here have an idea?
Mehtab Zafar
Hi @viyatb I need help with []
with [owtf/owtf#883] this
Shubham Gupta
Hello ,I am Shubham Gupta a third year undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur persuing a course of Mathematics and Computing.I am a open source enthusiast and love to code in python . I want to contribute for the Gsoc2018 program under OWASP. I want to apply for the project named "OWASP OWTF - MiTM proxy interception and replay capabilities ". Please introduce me to some beginner issues
@maggu1238 see tags
Parth Dode
okay so the last message was from 2018
Is this room still active?