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Oct 2014
Jostein Topland
Oct 21 2014 13:41
Hi. Is there a way to put overlay graphics on oxyplot? What I would like is to put filled rectangles on top of heatmap and scatter data, like this: In my xaml, I have HeatMapSeries and ScatterSeries.
Xavier Hahn
Oct 21 2014 14:44
@JosteinTopland look at the annotations, you can use a RectangleAnnotation to add filled rectangles.
Øystein Bjørke
Oct 21 2014 18:26
Yes, an annotation or a RectangleBarSeries should work. Support for hatch patterns is not planned
@JosteinTopland - I helped formatting your post a little bit :-)
Øystein Bjørke
Oct 21 2014 18:34
I am trying to build iOS unified API libraries from Windows/Visual Studio, but can't get it to work. Upgraded NuGet to 2.8.3. Building was no problem on the Mac...
Øystein Bjørke
Oct 21 2014 20:08
The image above shows OxyPlot running on a Mac. Plotting really shines on a high resolution retina display!!
I pushed a test package to NuGet