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Oct 2014
Oct 27 2014 00:43
Hello. I'm new to OxyPlot and I'm looking at the sample WpfApplications in the documentation-examples-master/HelloWorld. In the second example, namely WpfApplication2, as soon as I try to soom or pan the plot gets stuck in a different position, and it's impossible to move or pan it. This behavior does not happen when using the PlotView.Model property in code behind, but only when using binding from the PlotView.Series. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oct 27 2014 19:28
Pursuant to my message, I think I figured out the solution on my own. I saw that HitTestResult was included in the OxyMouseDownEventArgs object and assumed that if the Plot's HitTestResult item was null then no object was hit and I deselect the relevant annotation. Thanks objo for the great library!