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Oct 2014
Oct 31 2014 00:35
Hello, I'm sorry I'm insisting with my question, but I've been reluctant to use the Model way of binding the PlotView. I want a more MVVM capable way of binding, and to that end I extended the PlotView to have properties like SeriesCollection, etc. But the problem is, since using something other than a Model to define its properties breaks the zooming and panning, it's unusable. My problem is in my last post (2 posts above this one): Using properties other than a Model (like the Series property) breaks the zoom, and this happens even in the example in the documentation, WpfApplication2 in documentation-examples-master/HelloWorld.
If anyone was able to reproduce this issue and look into it I would greatly appreciate it. OxyPlots seems like a great library for my needs, and if decide to go with it I'll implement extensions for WPF/MVVM support that you can use if you'd like.