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Mar 2015
Øystein Bjørke
Mar 07 2015 07:57
@Gimly @Gaisuru yes, try setting the label formatter: LabelFormatter = x => null. Setting color to undefined or font size to 0 may also work.
@MendelMonteiro the PlotView only has a Model property that takes a PlotModel (could be defined in portable code). The Plot contains Axes and Series collections that can be defined in XAML
Øystein Bjørke
Mar 07 2015 08:03
@Gaisuru I don't think #59 has been implemented. It is marked "help wanted" and "you take it" ! :-)
@Gimly only single line titles are currently supported. Please create an enhancement issue. Or change the font size of the subtitle?
@fijinx I would try to bind to a TextBlock first, just to make sure that the data context is correct. Then replace with a PlotView...