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Mar 2015
Joel Anair
Mar 16 2015 13:48
I'm getting DNS errors trying to load documentation from Has this been reported?
Mar 16 2015 14:04
@JoelAnair Same here
Mar 16 2015 14:24
@peterM You can specify the StringFormat property on your DateTimeAxis (the same value you would use to display your date with DateTime.ToString())
Ouch... didn't notice his question was from March 2015... There hasn't been a lot of activity here lately... :-/
Vincent Vazzo
Mar 16 2015 21:50
How can one get the data point from a WPF PlotView when the user clicks on a point? I'm stumped!
Øystein Bjørke
Mar 16 2015 23:09
@JoelAnair I am not sure what is happening to, no DNS records are changed. the "www" A record points to (
Øystein Bjørke
Mar 16 2015 23:30 seems to be up again now!