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Mar 2015
Mar 17 2015 01:55
@objorke Yeah I confirm it works now
@VincentVazzo Have a look at the Tracker properties :
Mar 17 2015 08:28
If i want to move the title of the bottom axis to the right of the axis, I have to derived both Axis and AxisRender classes, right?
Øystein Bjørke
Mar 17 2015 11:27
@groupgrip yes, I think so. I'll add an issue.
Øystein Bjørke
Mar 17 2015 11:39
@groupgrip there is a TitlePosition property. I have created #416
Mar 17 2015 12:18
While we are at it, one thing that would be really nice would be the possibility to have the legend as a separate WPF control, to place it where you want in your layout.
Peter M.
Mar 17 2015 15:54
@MerlinDuChaos Thank you
Mar 17 2015 17:23
@peterM You are welcome, I hope you did find your answer before :-)
Vincent Vazzo
Mar 17 2015 17:25
@MerlinDuChaos Thanks - the docs were down when I posted that. As it happens, everything I thought/found agrees with mmoosman in this thread: