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Mar 2015
Mar 19 2015 04:50
Hi I wait for your help
how can i use path(geometry) in annotation.
i have a ="m1~~~~(280000 length)" ; but polylineannotation ploygonannotation and else is can't use geometry data.
i am very desperate.
i want use path(geometry and rotate function
Mar 19 2015 04:55
or imageannotation using svg
Marc Weickenmeier
Mar 19 2015 09:32
Hi there, is there a way to style oxyplot charts a lil bit more modern ui shaped? :)
And are the labels and so stylable? :O
Mar 19 2015 10:42
Thanks @MerlinDuChaos . But is till don't clear. I guess I should derived series and do something in GetNearestPosition, tight?
Mar 19 2015 12:12

@groupgrip I just did a test, and it's quite simple. You just have to declare a property in your ViewModel like this:

public string MyFormatString
            return string.Format(
                "{{}}{{0}}{0}{{1}}: {{2:{1}}}{0}{{3}}: {{4:0.###}}",

Then in your xaml, do the binding to this property like this:

 <oxy:LineSeries Title="Serie1"
                            ItemsSource="{Binding Serie1Points}"
                            TrackerFormatString="{Binding MyFormatString}" />

Notice that in order to produce the FormatString, you need to escape the curly braces in the String.Format method (by doubling them, otherwise they would be interpreted by the `String.Format: method).

Mar 19 2015 12:20
@MarcWeickenmeier From what I see, you can style a lot of things like fonts, colors, backgrounds... I'd set up a style for each element I use (Axis, Plot, TrackerTemplate...) to play with it