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Mar 2015
Mar 24 2015 00:31
Mar 24 2015 03:34
@MerlinDuChaos Thank you so much. But what I did is just added PlotView to ui. So I will try that suggestion.
Øystein Bjørke
Mar 24 2015 08:18
@tibel There is no due date for release 2015.1 ("first release in 2015"). Currently there are 11 open issues (all confirmed/unconfirmed bugs). All these issues are tagged "help wanted" or "you take it". When these issues are closed and all examples have been tested, the new stable version should be released! Sorry I cannot take more of these issues myself at the moment (I am a bit restricted by my current employer - corporate legal issues related to open source involvement)
Should the versioning scheme be changed to semantic versioning? Is it possible to start at v1 now when v2014 has been released? Or could we start at v10000.1? I think all versions up to now should really be v0.x since there has not really been a good release process including testing before stable releases..
Mar 24 2015 13:17
@groupgrip You're welcome :-)
Thomas Ibel
Mar 24 2015 18:06
@objorke Thanks for the info. It was only a question as you said a few month ago that there will be a stable release soon.