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Mar 2015
Mar 31 2015 09:08
Hi I am very new here, then I dont know all the rules behind, correct me if something wrong, I have started the adventure to develop a quality software that produce nice plots, as many startups budget is critical but with high quality plots, and uxs, then oxyplot was a non-brainer choice. But as we have progressed we found that several desirable features are not implemented yet, then maybe some of them will come in the future, unfortunately we cant not afford that for the long run, then wondering if any buddy is interested to implemented some features in interchange of some money? I will appreciate your comments /recommendations, Many thanks
Mar 31 2015 13:55
@wmacoder What kind of features do you need ?
Mar 31 2015 16:31
HI @MerlinDuChaos , the list will grow with time, at the moment, we have , gradient coloring for lines, double click event on lines, color property for major and minor ticks independent, these are few, but wil continue coming, Cheers