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Apr 2015
Stefan Schweiger
Apr 06 2015 13:57
@objorke yeah I get the ViewMaximum, but when ViewMaximum is set AbsoluteMaximum returns the value for ViewMaximum, and that's what's not 100% clear to me
Apr 06 2015 17:29
Hi everyone, I was trying to use ScatterPoints but I can't find any documentation about for what the parameters "value" and "tag" are for. I saw in an example that you can use "value" for color coding but how to display for example orange as a double?
Apr 06 2015 20:12
@stefan-schweiger I think that AbsoluteMaximum has same value as ViewMaximum until you set this property. Than AbsoluteMaximum will have fixed defined value as absolute boundary for viewable area. (sorry for bad english)