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Apr 2015
Apr 13 2015 01:09
Hey guys. Sorry if this the wrong place to be asking this, but have you ever considered adding a "Draw" method to the IPlotView or IView interfaces? It'd only need to return an OxyColor[,]. I presume all IPlotView implementations render 'something' and that something in it's most basic form is a square OxyColor array. This would allow a shared library to be passed an IPlotView and IPlotModel to render a basic image. Any thoughts or reasons why this is a bad idea?
Apr 13 2015 01:23
I'll respectfully repost this on if need be. Just trying to figure out your commenting/discussion system.
Øystein Bjørke
Apr 13 2015 08:59
@lucasmansbridge this sounds like a new "exporter" (like PngExporter). I think it should use a native drawing library (e.g. System.Drawing) but output RGBA bits instead of a png image. Feel free to continue the discussion on the forum or create an issue for the new feature! Here at it may be a little difficult to follow the threads...