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Apr 2015
Apr 14 2015 05:09
@objorke -- is there any way to run the Tracker and Axis data through something like a WPF converter, to give the system a place to do things like metric/imperial units conversions?
Apr 14 2015 06:51
@rrperkin Don't know about axes, but tracker has his content from TrackerHitResult. You can use classic WPF converter for every property inside DefaultTrackerTemplate style. If you want code-behind conversion you can change content of TrackerHitResult inside OnTrackerChanged.
Thomas Ibel
Apr 14 2015 07:36
@objorke Please have a look at #451. Multiple users are reporting the same issues, as the Xamarin packages (nuget) are currently broken. Therefore I think an update to the published Xamarin nuget package is needed.
Apr 14 2015 09:27
Probably a simple question, how do I display the value in the tracker for HeatMapSeries? Only thing I can display are the x and y values.