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Apr 2015
Issame Kastite
Apr 21 2015 09:55
Is it possible to have something like PositionAtZeroAxis, but getting the labels displayed outside the plot ?
Evgeniy Andreev
Apr 21 2015 12:48
There is some strange code I found in WPF wrapper.
// TODO: why is the data context not passed to the context menu??
this.ContextMenu.DataContext = this.DataContext;
What about context menu with outer data context?
Apr 21 2015 18:42
@issame is that an answer for me, or a new question of your own?
Apr 21 2015 20:03
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Apr 21 2015 20:23
@issame I think that you are looking for TickStyle = TickStyle.Inside with right Position = AxisPosition.*