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May 2015
May 05 2015 13:41
Hello there room! We ar eusing oxyplot with great success but I have one question that I have failed to find answer for. I have a simple graph with two axises and a LineSeries witha 30 point curve. How can I get the interpolated Y value for any given X value? Basically, I have Axis X and Axis Y and LineSeries A. I can provide an X value, and want to get the corresponding Y value for that X value. C# and code behind is fine...
Issame Kastite
May 05 2015 14:16
@MrNorth35 you have to set the CanTrackerInterpolatePoints property of the series to 'True'
Issame Kastite
May 05 2015 14:39
I've got some troubles with DateTimeAxis and the Auto Interval...