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May 2015
David Laundav
May 16 2015 13:26


Major issue here with iOS: oxyplot/oxyplot#492

When deploying to a iOS device using either Ad-hoc distribution or deploying to the App Store, the graphs are no longer being shown.

Everything displays just fine when debugging (both on the simulator & on a physical device).

Using version: 2015.1.859

David Laundav
May 16 2015 15:59
Just for everyone's information, the current newest version of Xamarin.iOS (i.e. 8.10; Apr 29, 2015), doesn't go well with OxyPlot.Xamarin.Forms. When debugging, your graphs will show up fine, but when deploying to iTunes Connect (TestFlight or App Store), your graphs won't show anymore.
I thus suggest waiting upgrading to the newest version of Xamarin.iOS. If you have already, simply downgrade to 8.9.1 (also don't forget to downgrade to Xamarin Studio 5.8.3 to avoid dependecy issues). When downgrading, you won't have to uninstall anything.

Also, afterwards, remember to delete your bin/obj folders and clean your solution. Afterwards, you can rebuild your project as usual.