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May 2015
Øystein Bjørke
May 17 2015 19:55
@david-laundav Thanks for adding issue #492. I agree with @tibel, this should be resolved for 2015.1 release! We should be compatible with the very latest Xamarin release.
@JohanLarsson The branching model is described in
Johan Larsson
May 17 2015 19:58
ok so pr to dev
Øystein Bjørke
May 17 2015 20:00
@wuZheng I don't quite understand the rollover feature. Can you create a thread in the forum or a feature request in the github issues?
Øystein Bjørke
May 17 2015 20:05
@MrNorth35 I think the interpolation was done in "screen coordinates" and I don't think the interpolated points are public (I have not checked this with the code). That probably means you need to derive a new LineSeries class. I think you need to transform the X to "screen X", then find the corresponding interpolated "screen Y", then inverse transform to get the Y.
@StehlikC Full intervals are not yet supported, and I don't think this feature is added to the issues yet. Can you add it?