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Jul 2015
Jul 08 2015 03:19
@wuZheng CPU% Utilization is mostly above 60% when I moving the line annotation. And the PC response will be very slow. if the data points are more than 10 thousand for example, it can stun more than 1 second.
I think is the chart refresh strategy cause this problem, but I've no idea how to improve this.
Jul 08 2015 15:01
What kind of series is behind the LineAnnotation? I've found that the performance of redrawing the PlotModel varies wildly. For instance, usually a LineSeries renders very quickly, whereas updating a HeatMapSeries is rather slow.
Jul 08 2015 15:13
And on that note @objorke , the HeatMapSeries redraws the entire bitmap by first,allocating OxyColors to each data point, then computing the uncompressed PNG pixel data (or whatever format) before passing this data onto the specific render context which then draws the pixel data, so the data is processed three times inside the UI thread per update. Given a high enough frequency of updating and a large enough heat map on a modern machine, the update needs to be staggered (up to 1 full second on an Intel i7 4660K machine, 3 Heatmaps 2000x300 points) to allow time for the HeatMapSeries to finish an update cycle or the UI thread locks up. Are there any plans to provide a means to update specific regions instead of the entire bitmap?
Andrew Strickland
Jul 08 2015 15:54
Anyone else getting corrupt Nuget install for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android? Trying to install 2015.1.934-alpha that came out today
I added #533 about this.