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Sep 2015
Sep 22 2015 10:55 UTC
Hello everybody! I'm happily using OxyPlot in one of my WPF applications. I use it together with Telerik RadDocking, and am facing a little Problem: Whenever I drag out a Panel from the dock which contains an OxyPlot, I get an unhandled exception "This PlotModel is already in use by some other PlotView control.". Can I somehow catch or suppress this exception (without using Application.DispatcherUnhandledException)?
Sep 22 2015 12:10 UTC
Hello! Yesterday I had similar exception, not sure that the reason was the same as yours. I fixed it by settings an event handler for Unloaded event and set the PlotView.Model to null there.
Sep 22 2015 13:17 UTC
Hi csabar! Great idea, I just did the same and it works flawlessly. Thanks a lot!
Xavier Hahn
Sep 22 2015 14:13 UTC
Is there a known bug about plots not being displayed after putting them "Visible" when they started as "Collapsed"?
I have a plot that I hide by default that is displayed only after a button click. It doesn't display unless I move the window.