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Oct 2015
Oct 07 2015 06:33
hi can i create hour intervel time in X axis?
        this.MyModel = new PlotModel { Title = "Example 1" };
        MyModel.Subtitle = "Click to change the IsVisible property for LineSeries 2";
        MyModel.Title = "LineSeries with IsVisible = false";
        var dateTimeAxis1 = new DateTimeAxis();
        dateTimeAxis1.StringFormat = "HH";
        dateTimeAxis1.MinorIntervalType = DateTimeIntervalType.Hours;
        dateTimeAxis1.IntervalType = DateTimeIntervalType.Hours;
        dateTimeAxis1.IntervalLength = 90;
Oct 07 2015 06:46
another question how can i take only hours in DateTimeAxis.Everytime i have to add a date on the datapoint on that? without date i want to work with hours only how can it be posssible?