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Oct 2015
Oct 28 2015 12:22

Hi, I'm having a rendering issue when I try to update plots using oxyplot. Whenever I update my plot I get the error:

'OxyPlot exception: Onject reference not set to an instance of an object

An exception of type System.NullreferenceException was thrown when updating the plot model.
at OxyPlot.Series.XYAxisSeries.GetClippingRect() in C:\projects\oxyplot\Source\OxyPloty\Series\XYAxisSeries.cs: line210
at OxyPlot.Series.ScatterSeries`1.Render(IRenderContext rc) in ... ScatterSeries{T}.cs:line 325
atOxyPlot.PlotModel.RenderSeries(IRenderContext rc) in ... PlotModel.Rendering.cs:line 419
at OxyPlot.PlotModel.RenderOverride(IRenderContext rc, Double width, Double height) in ... PlotModel.Rendering.cs:line 112'

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks

Andrew Strickland
Oct 28 2015 15:44
@jinutter Need to see what you are actually doing to figure it out. Maybe ask on SO?
@objorke Have you seen anyone do animations with oxyplot? By animations, I mean animating the drawing of series or bar graph?