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Nov 2015
Øystein Bjørke
Nov 01 2015 08:49
@Gaisuru there are some "real-time" examples, but note that the whole plot is redrawn every time as it is difficult to know when the scales of the axes change
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@hermantan I think there is an example under PlotControllers in the example browser
Øystein Bjørke
Nov 01 2015 08:54
@jinutter please create an issue including code that reproduces the exception
@JohanLarsson I like your extension! :-)
@veljko TimeSpanAxis?
@Gaisuru From the code I see that MotionEventActions.Move => TouchDelta and MotionEventActions.Up => TouchCompleted on Android (line 289 in PlotView.cs), but I have not tested if this works
Øystein Bjørke
Nov 01 2015 09:16
@Gaisuru I have tested with the Android emulator and see that both touch delta and touch completed events are handled by the default plot controller. From there the events should be handled the same way as on iOS...