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Dec 2015
Constantine Colotiline
Dec 25 2015 11:01


I use Oxyplot for Windows Forms for a financial modeling app. After gathering stock quotes the app calculates financial models and draw them. Models are lines. Example:

The problem is it's not comfortable to work with chart after drawing 10 000 lines because moving or zooming them is very slow.

My questions are:

  1. Is it ok that Oxyplot is slow after drawing 10 000 lines on a CandleStickSeries?
  2. For drawing lines I use FunctionAnnotation. Can I use something that is faster than FunctionAnnotation?
  3. Are there any tricks or workarounds to draw 10 000 lines without chart navigation performance issues?
  4. Does Oxyplot WPF faster than Oxyplot Windows Forms and I can use it for solving my problem?
perhaps useful for someone
Øystein Bjørke
Dec 25 2015 17:03
@colotiline I will try to reply in #698!