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Jan 2016
Shaun McFall
Jan 13 2016 14:34
Hello. I would like to include a horizontal line of my graph that represents the total average of all the datapoints. Is there a better way to do this than to manually populate a LineSeries?
Johan Larsson
Jan 13 2016 15:35
There is lineannotation
But I usually use a lineseries, nicer with labels etc
Shaun McFall
Jan 13 2016 16:37
Cool, thanks!
Andrew Strickland
Jan 13 2016 16:55
@objorke I was going to use a line annotation, but I don't know what to set the x and y to. I don't see anything from the ColumnSeries that allows me to get the points of a specific rectangle/column. FYI, I'm using stacked columns and only need lines between sections of the column.