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Jan 2016
Jan 20 2016 04:15
I'm using win form & lineseries. I have 6 lineseries in my chart. Is it possible to track all the 6 lineseries (x and y axis) in line annotation? ie. when I move the mouse I want to get all the 6 lineseries x and y axis data. Please give me some sample code or suggestion.
Øystein Bjørke
Jan 20 2016 04:28
@thenndral I think the feature you want is covered by #49. You could also implement it in a custom tracker, I think. We have some examples of custom trackers in C#/WPF, but not for winforms.
@Gaisuru the x-values between the columns should be 0, 1, 2, ... (or maybe -0.5, 0.5, 1.5... I don't remember)
Jan 20 2016 05:46
@objorke Shall I use this code for sample to achieve my target? or If you have any other sample for custom trackers please let me know. I will try to make in winform.
Jan 20 2016 08:52
Hi, I need to plot a spectrogram very similar to this (this was made in matplotlib plotting tool in python). Can someone guide me how to use oxyplot for this? I couldn't find any examples for plotting spectrogram using oxyplot.
Jan 20 2016 19:24
I am new to OxyPlot and have one basic question, I have been working with the software for 3 days now and every time I run it I get a blank form. I am using WPF and have tried every example that I could find on the internet. Does anyone have a similar problem?
I also tried a WinForms test and also only got a blank form. I just tried Bart De Meyer Blog example and again got nothing. The software compiles and runs, the window is just blank!
Jan 20 2016 22:04
Just tried the help documentation example for WPF. The program was coded in verbatim using the FunctionSeries call to generate data. Again program compiles, runs, and I am looking at a blank window?!?