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Feb 2016
Øystein Bjørke
Feb 16 2016 19:03
@GeertvanHorrik I like the example - it would be great to see it in portable code! it could be a good candidate for "Oxyplot.Contrib" #771
Alberto Rodríguez
Feb 16 2016 19:11
@objorke i think maybe another repo would be nice maybe oxyplot.animations it will be nice, some animations would not be as easy ans this one
Geert van Horrik
Feb 16 2016 19:14
I will consider it, but have a lot of tasks to complete before I can work on this one. I am thinking about LineSeries in the meantime, shouldn't be too hard either
Øystein Bjørke
Feb 16 2016 19:15
the idea of the contrib repository is to make a place for reusable code that we will not maintain in the core library. I think features like the animation extensions could fit in there. I don't think we need a repository just for animations.