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Feb 2016
Geert van Horrik
Feb 17 2016 19:18
I will have to create the animations for myself anyway, so I will try to add animations for LinearBarSeries, LineSeries and maybe BoxPlotSeries. In the meantime I have another question. Is it possible to enable the trackers in touch mode? They work great on the desktop (UWP), but not on mobile?
@GeertvanHorrik I can help, I dont think you need it but this is the animation livechart uses
rendering system is totally different
data changes every 0.5 secs so all the movement you see is animated
Geert van Horrik
Feb 17 2016 19:45
@beto-rodriguez nice. The thing that we have to do in OxyPlot is animate the actual values, they invalidate the plot. A good example can be found here:
so for a line, something like that is a good way to animate LineSeries. What I have in mind is when a user sets up the markers + line, we redraw from the beginning (without markers), then add the markers ones a line has been drawn. It might be a bit complex, but since this can all be an extension method, it should be highly reusable on all platforms.
Alberto Rodríguez
Feb 17 2016 19:48
I will take a look I hope I can contribute :)